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Top 7 Sami Frasheri Quotes

#1. To change any aspect of our life we must be willing to change our mind ... Unfortunately, that is the one thing most people are the least willing to do.

Bill Crawford

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#2. Malcolm X recognized that difference contains its own value, and that the struggle must be to advance that value. Martin Luther King is admired by everyone, he wants everyone to join together, but this idea that you should let them hit you on the other side of your face, this makes no sense to me.

Teju Cole

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#3. I dislike the thought that some animal has been made miserable to feed me. If I am going to eat meat, I want it to be from an animal that has lived a pleasant, uncrowded life outdoors, on bountiful pasture, with good water nearby and trees for shade.

Wendell Berry

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#4. One can never win an argument with ignorance.

Wes Fesler

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#5. They were perfect. They were flawed. They were scarred and beautiful. They were too familiar with death and clung to life by clinging to one another. The Great Buchanans were only human, after all.

Chelsey Philpot

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#6. From the earliest days, videogame players were less interested in winning than in going to a new psychic place where things were always a bit different, but always the same. The gambler and the videogame player share a life of contradiction; you are overwhelmed, and so you disappear into the game.

Sherry Turkle

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#7. I have been a spokesperson for Operation Smile for twenty years helping children with facial deformities. I also have worked with a children's mission called Compassion International. Both are doing amazing work for the children of the world.

Roma Downey

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