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Top 10 Salman Rushdie Shame Quotes

#1. But shame is like everything else; live with it for long enough and it becomes part of the furniture. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#2. We who have grown up on a diet of honour and shame can still grasp what must seem unthinkable to people living in the aftermath of the death of God and of tragedy: that men will sacrifice their dearest love on the implacable altars of their pride. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#3. O the shame of it, the humiliating shame of being condescended to by dolts - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#4. The way the banks behave is frankly unbearable. I didn't rob for me. I expropriated resources for a struggle. If I had robbed for myself that would be different. - Author: Jose Mujica
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#5. You can find shame in every house, burning in an ashtray, hanging framed upon a wall, covering a bed. But nobody notices it any more. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#6. Wickedness may prosper for awhile, but in the long run, he that sets all the knaves at work will pay them. - Author: Roger L'Estrange
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#7. Between shame and shamelessness lies the axis upon which we turn; meteorological conditions at both these poles are of the most extreme, ferocious type. Shamelessness, shame: the roots of violence. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#8. Recognize that the great majority of us aren't trained actors and entertainers. Usually, it's not our faces, our bodies, our personas or our stage presence that sells our books. It's our stories, our visions and our voices. - Author: M.J. Rose
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#9. By such accident of the human mind, war, trade, and history are shaped. The - Author: Barbara W. Tuchman
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#10. If you could find a way to peel back the skin of this world so to speak, would you really see this supernatural reality that is greater? Is it true that we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers? Every young person wants to know. - Author: Ted Dekker
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