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#1. Watching DBSK and Super Junior brought me up to be a singer.. - Author: Zelo
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#2. KFC has no excuse for refusing to adopt these basic, minimal animal-welfare standards ... After two years of fruitless negotiations with the company, we're trying a more personal approach. - Author: Bruce Friedrich
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#3. Insanity is a perfectly natural adjustment to a totally unnatural and negative environment. - Author: R.D. Laing
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#4. The 'community method' can only be applied in those areas in which the European Union actually has competence. Where the community has no competence, the 'community method' clearly cannot be applied. - Author: Angela Merkel
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#5. Mastery requires both the possession of ready knowledge and the conceptual understanding of how to use it. - Author: Peter C. Brown
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#6. Finish the damn book. Nothing else matters. Stop second guessing yourself and write it through to the end. You don't know what you have until you've finished it. You don't know how to fix it until it's all down on the page. - Author: Lauren Beukes
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#7. Loneliness. Sometimes that awful feeling causes you to do something stupid. - Author: Natsuo Kirino
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#8. Rush of pine scent (once upon a time),
the unlicensed conviction
there ought to be another way
of saying
this. - Author: Paul Celan
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#9. So, I didn't say we are going to win a lot, but we are going to play like winners, and we've got a plan in place to teach our guys how to play like winners and play like a champion. - Author: Steve Spurrier
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#10. I started in theater and I wanted to write plays, but I never really found an original voice as a playwright. - Author: Atom Egoyan
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#11. The Truth about Leo Strauss is the most balanced and insightful book yet written about Strauss's thought, students, and political influence. It dispels myths promulgated by both friends and foes and persuasively traces the conflicting paths that American thinkers indebted to Strauss have taken. - Author: William Galston
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#12. It is amazing that our souls - our eternal essences, with all their hopes and dreams and visions of an eternal world - are contained within these temporal bodies. No wonder suffering is part of the human condition ... - Author: Marion Woodman
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