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Top 12 Sakestand Quotes

#1. The American people likewise want to see enforcement first, no tricks, no triggers, no amnesty, enforcing existing laws and closing loopholes to reaffirm that our great Republic is, in fact, a nation of laws.

J. D. Hayworth

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#2. Cruelty of any kind is unforgivable . That's why there is no point at all in being creek in half-measure.

Michael Dobbs

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#3. While the fates permit, live happily; life speeds on with hurried step, and with winged days the wheel of the headlong year is turned.


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#4. All mankind, not excluding Americans, are sinners
miserable sinners, as even no few Bostonians themselves nowadays contritely respond in the liturgy.

Herman Melville

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#5. I don't see how love could get ugly enough for a person to just shut himself off from it completely

Colleen Hoover

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#6. I'm always crunching numbers, so my calculator watch is a must.

David Neeleman

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#7. It's good that kids know the Scripture. It's best that they know the Scripture and get the concept. All I can say is, it's working.

Willie Aames

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#8. A man
be the heavens ever praised!
is sufficient for himself.

Thomas Carlyle

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#9. Seriously, far beyond whether you have a natural birth or not, use cloth diapers or don't, opt to breastfeed or use formula, the two most important things that will influence your child's upbringing are your relationship with God and your relationship with your spouse.

Katherine Ladny Mitchell

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#10. Not gold but only men can makeA people great and strong;Men who for truth and honors sakeStand fast and suffer long. Brave men who work while others sleep,Who dare while others flyThey build a nations pillars deepAnd lift them to the sky.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#11. An old house with its windows gone always makes me think of something dead with its eyes picked out.

Lucy Maud Montgomery

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#12. People talk about writing convincing teenagers like it's a really clever thing to do, but it comes incredibly naturally to me. Which, of course, is slightly a worry.

Meg Rosoff

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