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#1. Well, come back and have tea with us," saidMoon-Face. "Silky's got some Pop Biscuits -andI've made some Google Buns. I don't often makethem-and I tell you they're a treat!

Enid Blyton

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#2. Dawn is a precious time of day. It reminds us that every glory must fade, and that all things, cruel or sweet, come to an end.

Simon Higgins

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#3. Turned out, monsters were capable of love after all. But it didn't mean they should.

Kelly Moran

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#4. We can only discover our true strength through struggle. Don't give up. Find out what you're made of.

Vironika Tugaleva

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#5. There are parents who are really angry that I decided to portray people who have come into the country illegally as decent human beings.

Paolo Bacigalupi

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#6. People who have a reputation for being evil are usually good.

Sebastian Horsley

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#7. Knowledge is NOT power. Knowledge is only POTENTIAL power. Action is power.

Tony Robbins

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#8. My knight may not wear a coat of shining armor, but his code of glowing honor will never fail to protect us both from evils far worse than any fire-breathing dragon.

Richelle E. Goodrich

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#9. date is kinda going to kill the mood?

Walt Disney Company

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#10. Jesus existed, and those vocal persons who deny it do so not because they have considered the evidence with the dispassionate eye of the historian, but because they have some other agenda that this denial serves.

Bart D. Ehrman

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#11. Books bombarded his shoulders, his arms, his upturned face. A book lit, almost obediently, like a white pigeon, in his hands, wings fluttering.

Ray Bradbury

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#12. I just want to feel like home. I just want Rosabelle. My other half. Where she was day, I was night. While I was earth, she was sky. -Dreams, Smiles, and Bloody Tears

Chamera Sampson

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#13. Live in the moment ... but don't be led by the moment, or the people who belong to it.

J. Aleksandr Wootton

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#14. The origin of all mankind was the same; it is only a clear and good conscience that makes a man noble, for that is derived from heaven itself.

Seneca The Younger

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