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#1. And that, ... is the story of our country, one invasion after another ... Macedonians. Saddanians. Arabs. Mongols. Now the Soviets. But we're like those walls up there. Battered, and nothing pretty to look at, but still standing.

Khaled Hosseini

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#2. I think that people in the phase between being someone's kid and being someone's parent have always been uniquely narcissistic, but that social media and Twitter and LiveJournal make it really easy to navel-gaze in a way that you've never been able to before.

Lena Dunham

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#3. You were the only one
who understood
the futility of the
arrangement of
all the others were only
displeased with
trivial segments,
nonsensically about
Jane, you were
killed by
knowing too much.

Charles Bukowski

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#4. When the demons start coming out - that's when you're nearing the light! It's hard for cockroaches to stay put without all the shadows. So in that case, keep on going!

C. JoyBell C.

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#5. I got a phone call from Fearne Cotton. It was amazing! I literally couldn't believe it. It was so cool. It was the night before I was going on her show to sing on the 'Live Lounge.' She was so lovely.


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#6. Between the disillusionment that people feel about politics-as-usual, assaults on the right to vote, and the constant feelings of pressure that Americans suffer in our overworked, overstressed economy, too many people have checked out of the political process.

Annie Leonard

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#7. All lands change for the worse when the people do not fight back. Now there is nothing left." "But

Zoraida Cordova

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#8. I can write for weeks or months sometimes and edit it down to a song. I feel like it's a piece of music that will hopefully stand the test of time and hopefully capture a moment in history if I'm doing it correctly and honestly.


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#9. Luck comes to a man who puts himself in the way of it. You went where something might be found and you found something, simple as that.

Louis L'Amour

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#10. My next book is on the Salem witch trials. As a small-town Massachusetts girl, this makes me very happy. So does the reunion with documents!

Stacy Schiff

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#11. A self without a shelf remains cryptic; a home without books naked.

Leah Price

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#12. Religion is the natural reaction of the imagination when confronted by the difficulties in a truculent world.

George Santayana

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#13. It's part of my life to feel like a criminal, to have eyes in my back and see if I'm being followed. It's a feeling that comes from street juggling because I have been arrested so many times.

Philippe Petit

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#14. The one who has wisdom in his head and heart does not need to shout at others.

Spiros Zodhiates

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