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Top 13 Sad One Sided Quotes

#1. She said she'd be fine with you, so I'm gonna get out of here, but Dillon, don't hurt her. She's had enough of the stuff you and your friends do. You wanna pick on me, go ahead, but don't do it to her. - Author: Melyssa Winchester
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#2. The silence holds with its gloved hand the wild hawk of the mind. - Author: R.S. Thomas
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#3. With every innovation comes a new abuse. - Author: David V. Kimball
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#4. If you look at the scientists who really make a difference, they think boldly. They're not afraid to question what they see. - Author: Taylor Wilson
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#5. Slavery holds few men fast; the greater number hold fast their slavery. - Author: Seneca The Younger
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#6. Nature: She pardons no mistakes. Her yea is yea, and her nay, nay. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#7. Ahh, love, why is it so easy to let you in, but so difficult to let you out? Why couldn't you subsist only two-sided? - Author: Pawan Mishra
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#8. If we give up the notion that everybody's life is perfect but ours, we would be a lot happier. Nobody's life is perfect. - Author: Joy Browne
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#9. ...but each time my phone buzzed with a text from her my shrieking heart catapulted itself out of my body, leaving behind a gory trail of blood as it sprinted down the hallway and out the front door. - Author: Kristen Mae
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#10. I call you sunshine,' he whispers and brushes his knuckles down my face, 'because when you smile, you light me up inside. - Author: Kristen Proby
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#11. I remember as a child, my grandmother read to me Silent Spring. It was incomprehensible to me that there could be a world without birdsong. - Author: Terry Tempest Williams
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#12. Judge Roberts' civil rights record and views remained the most controversial and unexplained part of his record when the Judiciary Committee hearing concluded, just as his civil rights record and views had been the most controversial part of his record when the hearing began. - Author: Mel Watt
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#13. Devotion, fervor, longing! Those are my pillars. We have to be the bridge to the future. - Author: Joseph Goebbels
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