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#1. My daughter showed us the key: misery gives way to fun when you take an object, event, situation, or scenario that wasn't designed for you, that isn't invested in you, that isn't concerned in the slightest for your experience of it, and then treat it as if it were. ...this is what play means. - Author: Ian Bogost
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#2. I've got some mistletoe in my back pocket. Why don't you kiss my ass! - Author: Anonymous
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#3. That's what courage is. If she weren't scared, she wouldn't need courage in the first place. -Jo - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#4. The ultimate intuitions and insights will only approach one who lives in his work and remains there, and whoever considers them from afar gains no power over them. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
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#5. As long as I feel I am doing what I think is right and just for my country, for the Greek people, that is enough for me. Saving Greece from this crisis was the first thing on the agenda. We are now on a much more normalised road. - Author: George Papandreou
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#6. The E.U. initially decided to end the isolation of Turkish Cyprus, to balance the accession of Cyprus. But the E.U. has not carried through on its promise. - Author: Ali Babacan
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#7. It's not the best between my family and me. There are so many crimes left unpunished, debts unpaid, white elephants in the middle of the room that no one will even offer a peanut to. We are in the red, emotionally speaking. - Author: Margaret Cho
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#8. Humility is the softening shadow before the stature of Excellence, And lieth lowly on the ground, beloved and lovely as the violet. - Author: Martin Farquhar Tupper
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