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#1. The likelihood of getting lost is directly proportional to the number of times the direction-giver says, 'You can't miss it'. - Author: Hal Roach
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#2. I finally found the courage to admit that deep within, my love was as shallow as yours. - Author: Srividya Srinivasan
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#3. The intelligence and ability of a colored person are in pretty direct proportion to the amount of white blood he has, and ... most of the positions of leadership, influence, and prominence in the Negro race are held not by real Negroes but by Mulattoes, many of whom have very little Negro blood. - Author: Madison Grant
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#4. We are training our minds to see the subtle shapes in the visual world around us. Shade - Author: Carrie Stuart Parks
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#5. Today the children of our public schools are taught more of the history, heroes, legends, and sagas of the old world than of the land of their birth, while they are furnished with little material on the people and institutions that are truly American. - Author: Luther Standing Bear
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#6. Shame is the power we give others to wield over us. - Author: Chinelo Okparanta
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#7. The Mayor of Hong Kong, who said Can't work today. Have American flu. Never got a dinner! - Author: Red Buttons
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#8. As I turned the pages, I felt as if there were bees on my fingertips, for I had never felt so alive as when reading. - Author: Alice Hoffman
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#9. The common trait of all evil is nothing other than egoism ... Basically all human evil comes from what we call the selfishness. - Author: Rudolf Steiner
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#10. How indifferent he was to Carol after all, Therese thought. She felt he didn't see her, as he sometimes hadn't seen figures in rock or cloud formations when she had tried to point them out to him. - Author: Patricia Highsmith
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#11. I always intended the title, 'WARRIOR,' to be about spiritual warfare and warrior lives outside of the cage. - Author: Gavin O'Connor
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#12. Rosario is safe. You were supposed to outlive me. Elisa is ten times the ruler you were. I've stolen your wife. I'm not sorry.
I miss you. - Author: Rae Carson
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