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#1. Never run upstairs when someone's chasing you. Don't try to quick-draw a man who already has his gun out. Never light a match in the dark in a strange building. Half of staying safe is just keeping your head and being prudent. - Author: Mark Zero
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#2. That's one thing people don't know about me - I eat in my sleep. I can't keep things in the house; I literally have in my refrigerator water, coconut water, orange juice, hemp milk and like, tea bags. And that's really it. Because I eat in my sleep. - Author: Denise Vasi
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#3. I'm sick of people saying I hate blacks, women, and gays. It's false and slanderous. Everyone who knows me knows I hate the Chinese. - Author: Zach Braff
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#4. Never again was she going to sit by while life went on around her. Never again was she going to wait for fate to hand her what she wanted. From now on, she was going to reach out and grab her dreams and not let go. - Author: Laura Lee Guhrke
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#5. There's been an awful lot of discussion about what is or isn't simple, and people have gotten a pretty sophisticated notion of simplicity, but I'm not sure it has helped. - Author: Ward Cunningham
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#6. Obedience is the basic definition of worship. Like obedience, worship is to be a way of life rather than just an exercise on Sunday. - Author: John F. MacArthur Jr.
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#7. Men rush toward complexity; but yearn for simplicity. - Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton
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#8. Sheridan is still there, he's the president of the Alliance, everything that was in place when the series is there is still there, we're just moving the camera over a couple of light years. - Author: Andreas Katsulas
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#9. Also, though not over-elderly, he was not over-young. - Author: Nikolai Gogol
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#10. When I was doing interviews at the FBI, my tape recorder battery died. They gave me a new one, and I said, 'Of course, this is bugged?' - Author: Ronald Kessler
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#11. He lifts my arm and kisses the tattoo on my inner wrist. I look down at the tat that started it all. He set me free when he unlocked my world. He's the peace in my soul. He's the one who opened my shackles, and I'll love him forever. - Author: Tammy Falkner
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#12. There's no words to explain how big it was, what Cold and I had, or how much it hurts when something that big in your life is swept away, or how empty that place is that he once filled, or how impossible it is to find something to fill it. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#13. 'Hey Dude' was shot in Arizona, and that took me to the West Coast. We did 65 episodes. It was not a show that a ton of people saw, so it was like doing acting classes and getting paid for it. At that point I had the acting bug. So I went to L.A. to give it a try and never left. - Author: Christine Taylor
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#14. The gospel isn't merely the absence of all condemnation; it's also the fullness of God's delight lavished on us in Christ. - Author: Scotty Smith
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