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#1. I don't know if he needs a tic tac or toilet paper.

Jerry Lawler

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#2. One of the reasons many of us avoid meditation is that we think of it as work - and work we may not do perfectly. What if we didn't have to do it perfectly? What if we didn't have to "do" it at all? What if we could rest - and let God do the rest?

Julia Cameron

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#3. This is so pathetic it's adorable. I may have to hug you.

Ruth Cardello

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#4. One of the most persistent images in American urbanism is that of the proverbial city on a hill, as first envisioned on these shores by the Puritan John Winthrop, via the Gospel according to Saint Matthew.

Martin Filler

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#5. The precise statement of any problem is the most important step in its solution.

Ed Bliss

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#6. There are only two companies in the world that can help me. That's Facebook and Google, because they are going to make me the largest digital network in the world, which is my goal.

Shane Smith

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#7. It's hard to shake a stick at success.

Nathan Fillion

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#8. A very faithful drawing may actually tell us more about the model but despite the promptings of our critical intelligence it will never have the irrational power of the photograph to bear away our faith.

Andre Bazin

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#9. Everybody that's an actor leaves it for a while 'cause they ain't got a job.

Wilford Brimley

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#10. Open the book and read it to renew your mind.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#11. Blending tracks and weaving and manipulating prerecorded music to create this mood, some people do it much better than others.


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#12. If a good man can't sleep after hurting people,
then he should learn much more to be a leader.

Toba Beta

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#13. He rolled his eyes. "First, my Dad's Korean and my mom was Swedish. Second, I totally suck at math. I don't like cuckoo clocks or skiing or fancy chocolate either."
I sputtered a laugh. "I think that's Swiss.

Kelley Armstrong

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#14. Creativity can release you from the limitations that the world has constructed around you; the everyday, mundane, 9-5 jail cell where everybody is waiting for the weekend to party so they can get outside of their head.

Robert LaSardo

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