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#1. Leaders must (1) define the business of the business, (2) create a winning strategy, (3) communicate persuasively, (4) behave with integrity, (5) respect others, and (6) act. - Author: Judith M Bardwick
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#2. Go isn't functional, it's pragmatical. Why pure paradigms like FP or OOP are always a must? (sigh) - Author: Frank Muller
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#3. It hurt to be around her, but it hurt more not to be. - Author: Anonymous
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#4. How painful it is to find that my figure can be of no help to my future ... how painful to see it rejected on account of a slanderous suspicion! - Author: Auguste Rodin
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#5. As a consequence of the spread of the gospel, history will experience widespread faith in God, righteousness on the personal and social levels, and international peace and prosperity on the cultural and political levels. - Author: Ken Gentry
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#6. We had a motto in my school: 'Men for Others.' And it was there that my faith became something vital. My north star for orienting my life. And when I left high school, I knew that I wanted to battle for social justice. - Author: Tim Kaine
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#7. Don't underestimate kindess, gentleness and patience in a man. - Author: Sumiko Tan
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#8. There's not enough wrong with it to leave and there's just enough wrong with it to stay," Matthew later told me. "Fight to change it. - Author: Nadia Bolz-Weber
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#9. Everything I see and hear ... I will take ideas from anyplace, anywhere, anytime, and life has become a song to me. I'm always looking for a song. - Author: John Mellencamp
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#10. You do realize, Kilmartin,' Colin said, his voice so soft it was almost chilling, 'that there is no reason you can't marry her. None at all. Except, of course,' he added, almost as an afterthought, 'the reasons you manufacture for yourself. - Author: Julia Quinn
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#11. Believing that, for the most part, our actions determine our fates in life can only spur us to work harder; and when we see this hard work pay off, our belief in ourselves only grows stronger. - Author: Shawn Achor
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#12. It is not the voters who count, but those who count the votes. - Author: Joseph Stalin
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#13. We've taken bold action at home by making historic investments in renewable energy, by putting our people to work increasing efficiency in our homes and buildings, and by pursuing comprehensive legislation to transform to a clean energy economy. - Author: Barack Obama
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#14. Awkward approximations, dull stammerings which cannot convey my sense of exhilaration as I seem to burst impediments, to exceed bounds of the possible, to experience, in the ruins of the human, the birth of something utterly new. - Author: Steven Millhauser
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#15. As Samuel Spaulding, Esquire, once said, 'Dig in the earth, delve in the soul.' Spin those mower blades, Bill, and walk in the spray of the Fountain of Youth. End of lecture. Besides, a mess of dandelion greens is good eating once in a while. - Author: Ray Bradbury
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