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#1. Gender relationships, which are tough for people to deal with, are key to whether a society orients to domination or partnership in all its relations. - Author: Riane Eisler
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#2. Women have been dependent upon men for their survival, for the survival of their children. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#3. I don't see anything," Miller said. "What's it look like?"
"The eye of an angry God?" Elvi said.
"Oh," Miller said. The heavy plates of his robotic body clicked and hissed against each other as he shifted. "Yeah, well that's probably it, then. Good work. - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#4. Prayer changes things? No! Prayer changes people, and people change things. - Author: Burton Hill
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#5. It is you, Ren murmured. His words unsettled her: Not for the first time, he seemed to know more about her than she did about herself. - Author: Alan Dean Foster
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#6. The South ought to be led, by candid and honest criticism, to assert her better self and do her full duty to the race she has cruelly wronged and is still wronging. - Author: W.E.B. Du Bois
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#7. The ocean, like life, always has movement. A sailboat with all its parts together, in its wholeness, can lead it's own way, cutting through challenging waves with strength, ease, purpose and determination, no matter the pull and push of the waves. - Author: Elaina Marie
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#8. Treat unhappiness as a defect and fewer would embrace it - Author: Mason Cooley
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#9. The unifying thread through all these different aspects of music business is just my attraction toward working with sounds and designing new scary, evil, dark sounds. - Author: Charlie Clouser
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#10. The ethic of the journalist is to recognize one's prejudices, biases, and avoid getting them into print. - Author: Walter Cronkite
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#11. Drugs are available to those who want them. And where are those profits going? Into organized crime, [to criminals] who spend their profits on the destruction of whole societies. - Author: Sam Branson
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#12. There is an energy that you carry when you're nurturing another life where you're protecting first - and once you know that cub is out of the way of the hunter's gun, you can be a little more daring. - Author: Tori Amos
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