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#1. My dad's half-Lebanese, my mom is full Lebanese. I'm three-quarters Lebanese. Irish-Lebanese. - Author: Tom Shadyac
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#2. I think of New York City lost in stars
forgotten as a blue haired pet of childhood love
Tonight the night is full; - Author: Gregory Corso
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#3. If all the rich people in the world divided up their money among themselves there wouldn't be enough to go around. - Author: Christina Stead
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#4. When I'm really stressed out, I go to church. I light candles and sit and pray. And I'll ask myself, What's the lesson? Why am I going through this? There's got to be a reason I'm here. What am I supposed to learn? - Author: Sandra Lee
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#5. Some run the cliffs, and set upon an eagle's wings. Others mire in the den, and once within, can never leave again. - Author: Chris Galford
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#6. When a song gets its legs and begins to come to me, this is the euphoric hook that keeps me wanting to continue. - Author: Tommy Shaw
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#7. What are you guys doing? If you anted me to take a shower, all you had to do was pay me ten bucks, like you usually do - Author: James Patterson
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#8. Everything Rumfoord did he did with style, making all mankind look good. Everything Constant did he did in style - aggressively, loudly, childishly, wastefully - making himself and mankind look bad. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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#9. You can no more have too much self-esteem than you can have too much health. - Author: Nathaniel Branden
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#10. You don't understand how fragile life is. You don't realize that the thread breaks between one moment and the next. - Author: Julia Quinn
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