Top 12 Rotarian Quotes

#1. If we really want to love, if we really want to live, we must love until it hurts ... No Rotarian whose motto is Service Above Self, I think, should call himself a Rotarian if he does not make time to serve ... If we love, we begin to serve

Mother Teresa

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#2. The first Rotarian was the first man to call John the Baptist Jack.

H.L. Mencken

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#3. No other sporting event can compare with a good Series. The Super Bowl is a three-hour interruption in a week of drink and Rotarian parties.

Roger Kahn

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#4. No. You hurt people because you didn't have any idea what love really was. You were trying to understand it in the only way you knew how. It's horrible, yes. But it's forgivable. I forgive you. I forgive a thousand worse things you may have done. I can forgive anything.

Laurelin Paige

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#5. I'll gladly identify myself if you'll first simply explain what it is I'm identifying myself as. This is my position. You're requiring me to attest to facts I do not possess. The term for this is "duress."

David Foster Wallace

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#6. I don't necessarily write everything as automatically assuming it will be collected, there's nothing that says Hitman will be collected, though it might be.

Garth Ennis

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#7. Now you pray, and I'm going to pray for you that the Lord will speak to you.

Pat Robertson

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#8. It's happiness to see you.

Larry McMurtry

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#9. Novels are like paintings, specifically watercolors. Every stroke you put down you have to go with. Of course you can rewrite, but the original strokes are still there in the texture of the thing.

Joan Didion

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#10. Football is easy, it's not success. To me success is being a world changer. Football is my platform but not my purpose.

Brandon Marshall

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#11. There are a lot of times when I walk into a room and forget why I walked in there. I'm going through some studies right now, and I am going to do a brain scan.

Jim McMahon

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#12. Pain was their body's way of telling them that they'd pushed themselves to their limits - which was exactly where they were supposed to be.

Richard Marcinko

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