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#1. The more we touch the intimate love of God which creates, sustains, and guides us, the more we recognize the multitude of fruits that come forth from that love. - Author: Henri Nouwen
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#2. Think of it.' said Robert Rosenbluth, a doctor whose acquaintance i made at the start of this book. 'no engineer could design something as multifunctional and fine tuned as an anus. to call someone an asshole is really bragging him up. - Author: Mary Roach
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#3. In addition to achieving outside the industry, agriculture, national defense science and technology modernization, we are faced with the important task of system modernization. - Author: Zheng Bijian
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#4. Losers [...] gain psychic satisfaction from belonging to a winning cause. - Author: Frances McCall Rosenbluth
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#5. The weakest would be put out of service rather than be allowed to compromise the whole system. - Author: Frances McCall Rosenbluth
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#6. Let your body take care of you. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#7. Nature has embellish'd rare as May
Its dew-gemm'd primroses glitter'd up,
To show pride from each budding weed,
Since from skies naught a ray dismay. - Author: Nithin Purple
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#8. Alas, respect for the truth compels perfect honesty - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#9. Nathan whispered close to her face, Just a kiss my ass. - Author: R.T. Wolfe
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#10. Living the dream is simply a form of living out your passion, of making that passion gradually, through persistence and effort, a central part of your life. - Author: Urijah Faber
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#11. I studied calculus for the first time, which to me was an amazingly empowering experience which I could really see how you could understand all sorts of things, and I decided that chemistry and biology just had too much memory for me to be interested. Physics was very easy. - Author: Marshall Nicholas Rosenbluth
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#12. I'm beginning to think that women should be denied the vote. Their hormones rage; they are too emotional. - Author: Michael Savage
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#13. [Companies] mistook a lack of competition for success. - Author: Frances McCall Rosenbluth
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#14. Rules do not determine outcomes - the players still have to make choices - but they make some outcomes more likely than others, by defining what it means to "win", and by creating incentives for and imposing constraints on the players. - Author: Frances McCall Rosenbluth
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#15. She had fire dancing in her eyes as she assaulted him with her serpent's tongue. Tonight she was not his wife but his little sister. - Author: Shakuita Johnson
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#16. I'm not saying it never occurred to me to want to write a masterpiece, but I really doubt I could. - Author: Lucy Hawking
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#17. There are some days when no matter what I say it feels like I'm far away in another country & whoever is doing the translating has had far too much to drink. - Author: Brian Andreas
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#18. The sense of community is indispensable ... to full self-realization. - Author: Herbert J. Muller
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#19. I feel like anyone can be a kid forever as long as you have that mindset and attitude towards the world. - Author: Mark Hoppus
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#20. Homeowners' Association: the means whereby people who own homes are able to transfer their rights to the neighborhood control freaks. - Author: Ron Brackin
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#21. I feel sorry for anyone who is in a place where he feels strange and stupid. - Author: Lois Lowry
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