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#1. Out of all the Grizzly kids, Ben had never been deep in the club, instead focusing on academic things. But he was still family, no matter what, even if he had no desire to be a Patch. - Author: Jenika Snow
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#2. Morse code didn't leave a paper trail, or an email thread on the screen of your tablet. She would never be able to scroll back and reread the exchange she'd just had with Rufus. - Author: Neal Stephenson
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#3. My house feels like a proper home. It's very relaxed with a hippyish vibe. - Author: Cat Deeley
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#4. Running allows me to set my mind free. Nothing seems impossible, nothing unattainable. - Author: Kara Goucher
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#5. What Is Love? I have met in the streets a very poor young man who was in love. His hat was old, his coat worn, the water passed through his shoes and the stars through his soul - Author: Victor Hugo
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#6. I risked my life for you. So don't you ever again disrespect the risks I took by claiming you weren't worth it! - Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
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#7. Stars were made to suffer, and I am a star. - Author: Jayne Mansfield
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#8. I think the biggest advice I can offer is don't just pick one story and stop, write as much as you can, as many stories as you can. The best thing about being a writer is, a writer's craft is nearly perfect because a writer can go anywhere and do his craft. - Author: Dwayne McDuffie
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#9. The weak can never fall in love because love is an adventure. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#10. The first card was a beautifully rendered but terrifying representation of what Henry guessed was one of the Elders' forms. Next was half a Wolf cookie. Last was a card that had a simple drawing of a smiley face. "That is sooooo wrong," Merri Lee said, shuddering. "Yes, it is." Henry picked - Author: Anne Bishop
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#11. He understood then that neither time nor distance had lessened his love for her.
But was love that made him ache with suffering truly worth fighting for? - Author: Guillaume Musso
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#12. How do you mourn endless numbers of people in endless numbers of places? Is there a form for it, a requisite time and place for mourning? Is there ever an end to it? Can there ever be an end to it? - Author: Rosario Morales
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