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Top 10 Room Decoration Quotes

#1. Scientific method is the way to truth, but it affords, even in
principle, no unique definition of truth. Any so-called pragmatic
definition of truth is doomed to failure equally. - Author: Willard Van Orman Quine
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#2. It's kind of odd when you think of Loretta Lynn, when she was first traveling and recording country music. It was all built through word of mouth. If you pleased the fans, they would pass it around to their friends and family. - Author: Patty Loveless
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#3. Decoration is asked to be 'merely' pleasing, 'merely' embellishing, and the 'functional' logic of Modernism leaves no room, apparently, for such 'mereness.' This is part of the pity of Modernism, one of the sacrifices it enjoins ... - Author: Clement Greenberg
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#4. Justice pleaseth few in their owne house.
[Justice pleases few in their own house.] - Author: George Herbert
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#5. I always have a problem liking things that I'm told I should like. This has been the problem with most of the Wonders I have seen so far. The fact that this one is called the 'Great' Wall of China annoys me. I'll decide if it's great or not. It might end up being the 'All Right Wall of China' to me. - Author: Karl Pilkington
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#6. I would prefer to have one comfortable room well stocked with books to all you could give me in the way of decoration which the highest art could supply. - Author: John Bright
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#7. And lose my cock, balls and prostate? Are you kidding me? Honey, I'm still all man. I'm just a man with decoration, Tommy had explained before turning with a flounce and practically floating out of the room in his heels. - Author: Vicktor Alexander
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#8. You might be a redneck if an expired license plate means another decoration for your living room wall. - Author: Jeff Foxworthy
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#9. No matter size, weight, or age woman should never forget their divine worth. We are powerful, beautiful beings and should be treated as such. - Author: Witney Carson
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#10. I want you to learn that if you don't keep picking at old wounds, over time they will eventually heal. Oh sure, sometimes they will leave a nasty, jagged scar, but at least it won't hurt like it did anymore, and if you don't look at it, sometimes you can almost forget it's there. - Author: K. Martin Beckner
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