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#1. Sometimes you count the days, sometimes you weigh them.

Elizabeth Gilbert

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#2. Information overload (on all levels) is exactly WHY you need an "ignore list". It has never been more important to be able to say "No

Mani S. Sivasubramanian

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#3. Another time I cracked two of the vertebrae in my back and broke a rib.

Zakk Wylde

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#4. Reasons were invented, and stories were reasons that allowed us to connect ourselves to the world, to compose ourselves in ways that others could read. Fragments were true but we needed stories greater than fragments. We needed stories in order to imagine the mad world we lived in.

Bilal Tanweer

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#5. I cannot believe there is caste system in society; I cannot believe people are judged on the basis of their prosperity.

Saina Nehwal

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#6. Sam?" Rachel asked. "Do you know you have the saddest sad face ever?

Maggie Stiefvater

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#7. A lot of people who do drama say comedy is the hardest thing, but, not wanting to sound like a bighead, comedy is easy for me, as I've always been fairly funny.

Nick Frost

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#8. Through her the battling man becomes sublime,
and fairy tales are spun from gray-maned storms;
From moments' tears immortal pearls are formed
And dulcet wonders cradle bloody times

("She Rests")

Konstantin Balmont

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#9. I wished on the moon, for something I never knew.

Michelle Dalton

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#10. Every path leads homeward, every step is birth, every step is death, every grave is mother.

Hermann Hesse

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#11. I probably have the worst wardrobe. It's the most ill-fitting with the worst patterns and colors and the most nipple rubbage. There's bad chafing, and it's always tight in all the wrong places. What's sad is that I'm kinda getting used to it.

Josh Hopkins

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#12. God only knows what the doctor gave her. However,the medication has run out and she now must face the reality on her on accord.

Nancy B. Brewer

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#13. There is too much singing and dancing, such lightness as loosens the restraints of virtue,' she complained, her white curls quivering. 'When I was young we held to the courtly ways, but nowadays the world is running all to ruin.

Lisa Klein

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#14. Edward helped, making faces every so often at the raw ingredients-human food was mildly repulsive to him.

Stephenie Meyer

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