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Top 28 Rocket To The Moon Quotes

#1. If you're going to go to the moon, you don't shoot the rocket right at the moon. You have to go at it obliquely. - Author: Drew Houston
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#2. Io, this is Admiral Muhan of the Martian Congressional Republic Navy. You fire anything bigger than a bottle rocket and we will glass the whole fucking moon. Do you read me? - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#3. My hands are in his hair and his arms wrap around my waist tighter. I know what Henry does to me. I'm space bound. A rocket about to blast off. And I want Henry to send me to the moon. - Author: Lauren Hammond
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#4. Many people have come to think they can just wake up and have things handed to them. - Author: Eric Church
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#5. You can't take contradiction away. Part of the fun of it is that the contradiction never really quite goes away. - Author: Paul Schrader
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#6. When I was growing up in Huntsville, Alabama, this is where the space and rocket center was. This is where all of the German rocket scientists came after war and started designing rockets for NASA, for the moon landing and all that. - Author: Jimmy Wales
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#7. Think we ought to live happily ever after. - Howl in Howl's Moving Castle - Author: Heidi Cullinan
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#8. No rocket will reach the moon save by a miraculous discovery of an explosive far more energetic than any known. And even if the requisite fuel were produced, it would still have to be shown that the rocket machine would operate at 459 degrees below zero-the temperature of interplanetary space. - Author: Nikola Tesla
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#9. It's amazing how people can get so excited about a rocket to the moon and not give a damn about smog, oil leaks, the devastation of the environment with pesticides, hunger, disease. When the poor share some of the power that the affluent now monopolize, we will give a damn. - Author: Cesar Chavez
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#10. Most women would rather have someone whisper their name at optimum moments than rocket with contractions to the moon. - Author: Merle Shain
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#11. Would you like a glass or are you still being obnoxious? - Author: Krista Ritchie
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#12. When I was doing Dobie Gillis, I got blasted off to the moon with a chimp in a rocket, and I landed on a deserted tropic island. That should have told me something was coming. - Author: Bob Denver
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#13. Of course, mankind would not have landed on the Moon in 1969, were it not for two things: conquered Nazi rocket technology and post-war anti-Communist paranoia in the United States. - Author: Charles Duke
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#14. Do we really need these big, gigantic, heavy rockets? What if we launch a rocket that's empty, and its sole purpose is to act as a source of fuel on the Moon? Who should build that? Well, I think the U.S. should build that. - Author: Buzz Aldrin
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#15. My parents grew up during the space race, and I think they imagined the future would be us living on moon bases and everyone has rocket shoes. - Author: Brian K. Vaughan
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#16. The first man-made satellite to orbit the earth was named Sputnik. The first living creature in space was Laika. The first rocket to the Moon carried a red flag. The first photograph of the far side of the Moon was made with a Soviet camera. If a man orbits the earth this year his name will be Ivan. - Author: John F. Kennedy
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#17. We should go to the moon and prepare a base to fire a rocket off to Mars and then go to Mars and colonize Mars. Then when we do that, we will live forever. - Author: Ray Bradbury
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#18. I never felt ready to have a baby until I was about 37 years old. I knew I always wanted kids someday, but I needed to be 'ready,' ya know? - Author: Constance Marie
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#19. Last night I did things my mother told me not to with the people I shouldn't see in the places that I should not go.. - Author: Nick Santino
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#20. Sofi could see the lights in the distance, like the stars hanging above and the planet perched in the sky. Waiting breathless by the moon for them to visit in their rocket ship. - Author: Mary Weber
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#21. Courage is not how you feel. It's what you do. - Author: Beth Trissel
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#22. To place a man in a multi-stage rocket and project him into the controlling gravitational field of the moon where the passengers can make scientific observations, perhaps land alive, and then return to earth - all that constitutes a wild dream worthy of Jules Verne. - Author: Lee De Forest
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#23. I really am profoundly grateful just in general in my life. I've had an embarrassing amount of good fortune. - Author: Edie Falco
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#24. I've been dying to play. - Author: Johnny Kelly
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#25. This is the team. We're trying to go to the moon. If you can't put someone up, please don't put them down. - Author: NASA
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#26. This individual does not know where initiative ends and rocket-propelled idiocy begins. - Author: Elizabeth Moon
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#27. I'm like that guy who single-handedly built the rocket and flew to the moon. What was his name? Apollo Creed? - Author: Homer
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#28. If you attack the Clintons publicly, make sure all your friends know that you are not planning suicide, that you're not careless when you drive a car. - Author: Ann Coulter
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