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#1. A joke's a joke; you can either take it, or you can't. - Author: Brian Dunkleman
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#2. The trouble with me is, I belong to a vanishing race. I'm one of the intellectuals. - Author: Robert E. Sherwood
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#3. And who are the greater criminals-those who sell the instruments of death, or those who buy them and use them? - Author: Robert E. Sherwood
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#4. I remember when I was younger, there was a well-known writer who used to dart down the back way whenever saw me coming. I suppose he was in love with me and wasn't quite sure of himself. Well, c'est la vie! - Author: Robert E. Sherwood
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#5. Tenterhooks are the upholstery of the anxious seat. - Author: Robert E. Sherwood
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#6. An identity would seem to be arrived at by the way in which the person faces and uses his experience. - Author: James Baldwin
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#7. Were the walls of our meat industry to become transparent, literally or even figuratively, we would not long continue to raise, kill, and eat animals the way we do. - Author: Michael Pollan
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#8. Fragrance is an incredibly intimate thing. It can evoke very specific thoughts or memories and is a little different for each person who wears it. I also think it's the most accessible luxury. - Author: Elizabeth Taylor
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#9. A life is not a waste of time - Author: Nalini Singh
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#10. Robert Ingersoll came to [a small Midwest town] to speak ... , and after he had gone the question of the divinity of Christ for months occupied the minds of the citizens. - Author: Sherwood Anderson
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#11. Oh build your ship of death, oh build it in time and build it lovingly, and put it between the hands of your soul. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#12. A book is not truly happy until read and loved by others! - Author: P.S. Winn
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#13. Doctor: 'I am not a hero.
Robin Hood: 'Well, neither am I, but if we both keep pretending to be, perhaps others will be heroes in our name. Perhaps we will both be stories and may those stories never end. - Author: Mark Gatiss
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#14. Think. Don't just swing. Think about the pitcher, what he threw you last time up, his best pitch, who's up next. Think. - Author: Ted Williams
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#15. To be able to write a play a man must be sensitive, imaginative, naive, gullible, passionate; he must be something of an imbecile, something of a poet, something of a liar, something of a damn fool. - Author: Robert E. Sherwood
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#16. All Coolidge had to do in 1924 was to keep his mean trap shut, to be elected. All Harding had to do in 1920 was repeat Avoid foreign entanglements. All Hoover had to do in 1928 was to endorse Coolidge. All Roosevelt had to do in 1932 was to point to Hoover. - Author: Robert E. Sherwood
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#17. You will only have what you give away. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#18. The only people who grow old were born old to begin with. - Author: Robert E. Sherwood
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#19. Poor, dear God. Playing Idiot's Delight. The game that never means anything, and never ends. - Author: Robert E. Sherwood
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#20. History is a burden. Stories can make us fly. - Author: Mark Gatiss
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#21. The happiest miser on earth is the man who saves up every friend he can make. - Author: Robert E. Sherwood
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#22. I will take the subway and look at certain women and think 'God, that woman's story will never be told. How come that lady doesn't get a movie about her?' - Author: Natasha Lyonne
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#23. We've built a new Earth. It's not as nice as the old one; it's the greatest mistake humans have ever made, one that we will pay for literally forever. - Author: Bill McKibben
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#24. 4chan is a framework of pictures and text. I've always been extremely hands-off with dictating what gets posted, past general categories and rules. I support providing a place to discuss anything, although I don't agree with everything that's posted. - Author: Christopher Poole
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#25. He must be independent and brave, and sure of himself and of the importance of his work, because if he isn't he will never survive the scorching blasts of derision that will probably greet his first efforts. - Author: Robert E. Sherwood
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#26. That's the whole story of my life: frustration. It's a chronic disease, and it's incurable. - Author: Robert E. Sherwood
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#27. There's songs that could either be taken as a conversation between two people, like "The Privateers," or "Why," from a much earlier record. Or "Glass Figurine." That's my version of a relationship song. - Author: Andrew Bird
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#28. We all come from our own little planets. That's why we're all different. That's what makes life interesting. - Author: Robert E. Sherwood
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#29. Prosperity is so much more than money! - Author: Peggy Frazier Doviak
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