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Top 30 Rip Gone Too Soon Quotes

#1. If anyone ever uses lol with me, i rip my computer right out of the wall and smash it over the nearest head. - Author: John Green
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#2. With your Christmas-Day-will-never-arrive-soon enough salivations, you anticipate the moment when, like voracious cub lions, you'll rip open the wrapping paper and feast off your every delicious present. - Author: Carew Papritz
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#3. Swiss Cheese is a rip-off It's the only cheese I can bite into and miss - Author: Mitch Hedberg
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#4. To rip off a piece of lover's temper was a pleasure in her deepest vein of enjoyment. - Author: Saul Bellow
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#5. I'm a liar. I'll rip your mind up. I'll burn your soul, I'll turn you in to me. - Author: Henry Rollins
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#6. I warn you now. Anything happens to my mate or my son, we will hunt you down and rip you into so many pieces they'll never find all of you. (Vane) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#7. Come near me and I'll rip your wings off and beat you with them. - Author: Rachel Vincent
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#8. The job of a fiction writer is to engage the reader and rip them from reality. - Author: Tom M. Wiseman
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#9. Go ahead and rip them ... you know you want to. - Author: Christina Lauren
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#10. For taxpayers, however, it's [pay equity] a rip-off. And it has nothing to do with gender. Both men and women taxpayers will pay additional money to both men and women in the civil service. That's why the federal government should scrap its ridiculous pay equity law. - Author: Stephen Harper
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#11. If you can't test it, don't build it. If you don't test it, rip it out. - Author: Boris Beizer
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#12. The vampire's true appearance was grotesque
but it wasn't as bad as some of the things I had seen in my day. Some demons were a lot worse, and some of the Elder Things could rip your mind apart just by letting you look at them - Author: Jim Butcher
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#13. Rip yourself open. Sew yourself shut. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#14. You mean you let him talk to you like that and you aren't even getting any Man what a rip-off. - Author: Karen Chance
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#15. And of all its money-making rip-offs, the selling of indulgences must surely rank among the greatest con tricks in history, the medieval equivalent of the Nigerian Internet scam but far more successful. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#16. If you are a musician and you don't show any interest on the business level then you are actually vulnerable and people will rip you off. They will sweet talk you into anything. - Author: Michael Schenker
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#17. Rip the prisons
put the
television - Author: Norman Mailer
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#18. If it makes you laugh, if it makes you cry, if it rips out your heart, that's a good picture. - Author: Eddie Adams
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#19. Don't ever humiliate a man. If you're gonna have to dress him out, you take him aside and do it that way. That's the one thing I don't like about Hollywood: They go in for public humiliation. You shouldn't do that to a man. - Author: Rip Torn
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#20. Bean also saw how the man's body moved inside his clothes, with a kind of contained strength that made his clothes seem like Kleenex, he could rip through the fabric just by tugging at it a little, because nothing could hold him in except his own self-control. - Author: Orson Scott Card
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#21. I'm going to miss him like hell when he's gone," she eventually continued. "It's going to rip half my soul out. If you weren't here for me, I would fucking give up and die the minute he quit breathing. - Author: Tymber Dalton
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#22. but he killed the best Disney villain of all time, the drag queen that is Ursula. Unforgivable. RIP. 4. - Author: Tyler Oakley
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#23. If we believe terrorists are past redemption, we should just rip up like 1/2 the New Testament because it was written by one. - Author: Shane Claiborne
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#24. I went to see Harvey again in Fiddler. Harvey's throat is getting better. - Author: Rip Taylor
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#25. All the ingenuity, all the high-tech gear, all the jury-rigging sometimes the sea would rip it all away until there was only you, the Creator, and His mercy. - Author: Abby Sunderland
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#26. Everyone I meet now is at least ten years younger than me. I feel like Rip van Winkle with a bald spot. - Author: Jaffe Cohen
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#27. Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine? No, but I do it anyway because it's sterile and I like the taste. - Author: Rip Torn
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#28. I didn't realize how angry and jealous it would make me to see you being held by another man, and when he dropped his hands to your ass and thrust his leg between yours I wanted to rip his fucking head off and then spin around the room holding it up like a warning sign. - Author: Jen Frederick
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#29. The idea is to become an old wizard; to live a long and fruitful life and have family and be healthy and enjoy the ride. And speaking of the ride, why not let it rip, at least a little bit? Everyone I know who's really stoked about getting out of bed in the morning does that to some extent. - Author: Laird Hamilton
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#30. Rip Rig & Panic was a milestone for me, and I've always been really thankful that I did that when I was 16. It saved me for when I suddenly became really successful later on. So even when my head's been spinning like a banshee, my feet still feel held down to the ground. - Author: Neneh Cherry
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