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#1. Religion, to me, is a bureaucracy between man and God that I don't need. - Author: Bill Maher
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#2. If we're honest, most of us would accept that a bad boss is a little bit like a bad father or a bad husband ... you find that he tends to do more good than harm. He might be a bad boss but at least he's employing someone while he is in fact a boss. - Author: Tony Abbott
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#3. We have seven people who knew the skewers were there: the wedding planner, the reception hall manager, the dressmaker, the florist, the veil-maker, the cake-maker, and the caterer. I haven't ruled out the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker, either. - Author: Linda Howard
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#4. I took my menial life for granted until it became clear, why my early years resulted in a lack of adoption.- J.D. Stroube (Rival: Prelude to the Mirage Chronicles.) - Author: J.D. Stroube
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#5. right-of-passage. I - Author: Shayne Silvers
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#6. The hardest job of all is trying to look busy when you're not. - Author: William Feather
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#7. I don't like precious things; I don't spend thousands of dollars on jewellery for myself. I like going into a junk store and finding something for five dollars. That's my style. - Author: Erin Wasson
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#8. I don't enjoy British shows as a rule because British audiences are strange. - Author: Andrew Eldritch
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#9. Who knows, he may grow up to be President someday, unless they hang him first!
Aunt Polly about Tom Sawyer - Author: Mark Twain
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#10. Rosie get off your desk, and please put your beard away. - Author: Louise Rennison
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#11. Voters don't decide issues, they decide who will decide issues. - Author: George Will
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#12. As he left, he saw the streets were just as deserted and quiet as before, but now he knew it was an illusion. There were ninjas, darker than a starless night, watching their territory and his every move from the rooftops high above. - Author: Anam Iqbal
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#13. Friedman stumbled in, late to the seminar as usual and reeking of cigar smoke and whiskey. He hadn't read the paper being presented, and halfway through he just gets up, walks up to the podium, socks the mother****er right in the face and takes a piss all over his lecture notes. - Author: George Stigler
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