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#1. Richard [Carrier] takes the extremist position that Jesus of Nazareth never even existed, that there was no such person in history. This is a position that is so extreme that to call it marginal would be an understatement; it doesn't even appear on the map of contemporary New Testament scholarship.

William Lane Craig

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#2. Connection was the thing, whether through bed, bottle, grand inquisitorial session.

Anthony Burgess

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#3. The world is a very different place, where steel can be bent and twisted. But maybe that is the point - that steel is no the greatest metal in the world - the human spirit is.

Tribute WTC Visitor Center

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#4. The Christian religion is so manifestly contrary to the facts, belief in it can only be held with the most delusional gerrymandering imaginable.

Richard Carrier

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#5. We start with the evidence, and then figure out what the best explanation of it all really is, regardless of where this quest for truth takes us.

Richard Carrier

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#6. Christians always write to me threatening me with Hell. Strange how they think this vindicates them and their religion. Threats are the hallmark of a wicked creed.

Richard Carrier

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#7. So, too, I and countless others have chosen to give God a fair hearing - if only he would speak. I would listen to him even now, at this very moment. Yet he remains silent.

Richard C. Carrier

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#8. Chemists all agree on the fundamental facts of chemistry.

Richard Carrier

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#9. Reason bases its decisions on evidence available to everyone, and allows people to disagree when evidence is lacking. Religion will never do that.

Richard Carrier

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#10. God needs blood to fix the universe, but only his own blood had enough magical power to do it, so he gave himself a body and then killed it.

Richard Carrier

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#11. The Second Amendment! It says you have the right to bear arms, or the right to arm bears, whatever the hell you want to do!

Robin Williams

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#12. I'm glad you're quitting the bar."
"You are?"
"Yeah. I've never liked you working there, and I miss you at the weekend."
"Why didn't you say anything?"
"Because you seemed happy. It's sort of my life mission to make sure you stay that way," he teased.

Samantha Young

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#13. I have always been a House of Commons man.

John Diefenbaker

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#14. Such people are trapped in their own hall of mirrors, and for them there is no escape. They can never know whether they are wrong, even when they are. No evidence, no logic, no reason will ever get through to them.

Richard Carrier

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#15. That someone would want another human being to suffer, or would even tolerate the idea, for committing no crime at all but being reasonable, is truly frightening. A religion that breeds such people is a genuine plague upon the earth.

Richard Carrier

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#16. You must test your own religious claims and texts by the same standards you apply to other religions. If your religion's claims and texts fair no better, then your religion is just as false as theirs is.

Richard Carrier

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#17. If I had to sit in Heaven forever, knowing that there are these people, millions and millions- probably billions of people, suffering these eternal horrible torments and there was nothing I could ever do for them, that, to me, would be Hell.

Richard Carrier

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