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Top 20 Responder Quotes

#1. Hollywood can be a draining industry. For all the glitz and glory and wonderful parts of our business, it takes it's toll on your inner self. - Author: Amber Heard
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#2. I have been made redundant before and it is a terrible blow; redundant is a rotten word because it makes you think you are useless. - Author: Billy Connolly
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#3. You are a placebo responder. Your body plays tricks on your mind. You cannot be trusted. - Author: Ben Goldacre
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#4. I see lots of women having beautiful children later in life. And, if not, just freeze your eggs! - Author: Nicole Scherzinger
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#5. Learn to be a responder, not a reactor. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#6. The most dangerous thing about the human heart is that we want to reverse the roles by making God the responder and us the initiators. - Author: Jefferson Bethke
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#7. To play a cop's wife - there's so much in that world, the wives or partners of anyone who is a first responder - it's not an easy job. It's not an easy way to live, to say goodbye to someone in the morning and not know what's going to happen throughout the day. - Author: Amy Carlson
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#8. I'm 6-foot-4. If my life depended on it, I could still dunk a basketball. Then I would need assistance from a first responder to get down from the rim. - Author: Willie Geist
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#9. What you give meaning to is what causes your emotion. Before you react know why you are giving something so much energy or fear. When you begin to understand why you give things meaning you can begin to change how you react and why you do what you do. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#10. When a response is detected, the thing that uttered moves separately but implacably toward its responder, as by gravity. So equivalence is drawn to equivalence until they are within touching distance. - Author: Sheri S. Tepper
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#11. If you are presently facing significant challenges in your life, trust in the Lord! Be an aggressive responder who lives with alert expectancy! - Author: Richard Blackaby
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#12. It was with 9/11 that I came to fully appreciate and embrace NPR's irreplaceability as a sanity preserver, its unique virtues as first responder on the burning scene. - Author: James Wolcott
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#13. My top priority in life is my workout. Regardless of what happens, I hit that gym. Even when I was in the hospital twice with serious knee operations: Right after I came out of anesthesia, there was a chin bar over my head and dumbbells. I worked out immediately. - Author: Jack LaLanne
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#14. I think that that's so true for a lot of first responder families and military families. If you ask them, 'Is there anything I can do for you?', they almost always will not ask for that help. - Author: Taya Kyle
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#15. Fans are fans. I hated and loved them, hated and loved them, hated and loved them. - Author: Terry Bradshaw
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#16. Inflict not on an enemy every injury in your power, for he may afterwards become your friend. - Author: Saadi
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#17. I'm an instant responder. Somebody told me I'm a living Twitter. I'm quick to respond and quick to fill air. - Author: Sheila Nevins
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#18. People have accepted the media's idea of what feminism is, but that doesn't mean that it's right or true or real. Feminism is not monolithic. Within feminism, there is an array of opinions. - Author: Judy Chicago
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#19. The movement of grace toward gratitude brings us from the package of self-obsessed madness to a spiritual awakening. Gratitude is peace. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#20. I want every health care professional, every first-responder, every citizen, every visitor to know that in Florida we continue to prepare for the worst. But we pray for the best. - Author: Rick Scott
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