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Top 32 Resentment And Bitterness Quotes

#1. Here's a question every angry man and woman needs to consider: How long are you going to allow people you don't even like - people who are no longer in your life, maybe even people who aren't even alive anymore - to control your life? How long? - Author: Andy Stanley
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#2. Forgiveness is the key which unlocks the door of resentment and the handcuffs of hatred. It breaks the chains of bitterness and the shackles of selfishness. The forgiveness of Jesus not only takes away our sins, it makes them as if they had never been. - Author: Corrie Ten Boom
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#3. Uncontrolled temper is soon dissipated on others. Resentment, bitterness, and self-pity build up inside our hearts and eat away at our spiritual lives like a slowly spreading cancer. - Author: Jerry Bridges
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#4. It's not just what you eat that matters, it's what eats you. You can have all the right macrobiotics and organic food, but if your body is filled with resentment, worry, fear, lust, guilt, anger, bitterness, or any other emotional disease, it's going to shorten your life. - Author: Rick Warren
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#5. There is enough heartache and sorrow in this life without our adding to it through our own stubbornness, bitterness, and resentment. - Author: Dieter F. Uchdorf
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#6. The key to peace within my soul, he said, was to cast aside my bitterness and resentment. - Author: Wally Lamb
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#7. With improved historical records, and easier access to them, we actually have better reasons for hating one another, for anger and violence toward one another. - Author: Richard Rohr
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#8. Maybe it's just easier to hold onto resentment and bitterness.But when you hold onto them, you're imprisoning yourself, not the other person. Not forgiving is pretty heavy baggage to carry around. - Author: Cathy Bryant
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#9. I feel like unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment, it blocks the flows of God's blessings in life. - Author: Ja Rule
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#10. Pain will never lessen without forgiveness, it will only manifest as anger and harden into resentment or bitterness. - Author: Tiffany L. Jackson
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#11. Anger, resentment, and bitterness stunt our spiritual growth. Would you bathe in impure water? Then why do we bathe our spirits with negative and bitter thoughts and feelings? You can cleanse your heart. You don't have to harbor thoughts and feelings that drag you down and destroy your spirit. - Author: Joseph B. Wirthlin
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#12. Resentment and bitterness build the cage that only punishes ourselves. - Author: Jeffrey Fry
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#13. You may accept the inevitable with bitterness and resentment or with patience and grace. Mere acceptance is not sufficient. - Author: Paul Brunton
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#14. The negative feelings of anger, bitterness, guilt, regret, resentment, and sadness represent a failure of a person to accept that the past is an event that holds no power over the present. The thought that the future will bring salvation is an illusion. We must exist in the present. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
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#15. She was so wicked. Such a classic case of resentment and ambivalence bumping and brushing up against all that maternal instinct. The love and hate in her was as vast as space- all meteors, no atmosphere. - Author: Laura Kasischke
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#16. The wonder to me is not that she made it through at all but that she made it through so relatively intact, so vibrant. So free of bitterness and so empty of resentment. - Author: Luke Davies
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#17. Repeated disappointment almost always triggers a series of other reactions: discouragement, anger, frustration, bitterness, resentment, even depression. Unless we learn to deal with disappointment, it will rob us of joy and poison our souls. - Author: Billy Graham
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#18. I believe I may so, looking into my own heart, and speaking as in the presence of God, that I have never know one moment of bitterness or resentment. - Author: Robert E.Lee
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#19. Bitterness and resentment are a bottomless well. They can only be healed by the phenomenon of someone else's sorrow rising to your level of pain ... it never happens - save yourself endless hurt. - Author: Steve Maraboli
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#20. Something my mum taught me years and years and years ago, is life's just too short to carry around a great bucket-load of anger and resentment and bitterness and hatreds and all that sort of stuff. - Author: Kevin Rudd
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#21. No man is defeated without some resentment which will be continued with obstinacy while he believes himself in the right, and asserted with bitterness, if even to his own conscience he is detected in the wrong. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#22. In one of their quarrels, they had begun calling each other Mister. and Misses., and since then they had never made it up enough to change it. - Author: Carson McCullers
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#23. I have learned that bitterness, resentment and self-pity do nothing to lift the gloomy clouds of a spiritual February in my life. If anything, these sins only harden the soil of my heart, making it difficult for new growth to spring forth at God's appointed time. - Author: Katherine J. Walden
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#24. I wrap the potential for bitterness, resentment, martyrdom in the blanket of forgiveness and just set it down. Then it just melts in the warmth. And goes away. - Author: Mary Anne Radmacher
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#25. If your world is out there and you are in here then the only things that will gather within these walls are time and bitterness. Eventually, that bitterness will eat away at you and leave nothing behind but resentment and hate. - Author: R.D. Ronald
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#26. Resentment is when you allow what's eating you to eat you up. Revenge is the raging fire that consumes the arsonist. Bitterness is the trap that snares the hunter. And mercy is the choice that can set them all free. - Author: Max Lucado
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#27. In other words, it was a struggle with himself. And the product of that struggle: anger, bitterness, resentment, envy or transformation, aspiration, hope, decency..the product of that struggle is the quality of your life and the nature of your soul. - Author: Emma Forrest
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#28. When Taft gives way to his (anger), one reporter observed, it is to inflict a merciless thrashing upon its victim, for whom thereafter he has no use whatsoever. With Roosevelt is a case of powder and spark; there is a vivid flash and a deafening roar, but when the smoke is blown away, it is the end. - Author: Doris Kearns Goodwin
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#29. Gratitude is the antidote to bitterness and resentment. - Author: M.J. Ryan
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#30. Bitterness and resentment only hurt one person, and it's not the person we're resenting - it's us. - Author: Alana Stewart
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#31. Resentment and bitterness and old grudges were dead things, which rotted the hands that grasped them. - Author: Winston Graham
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#32. Resentment, bitterness, and holding a grudge prevent us from seeing and hearing and tasting and delighting. - Author: Pema Chodron
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