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Top 33 Research And Teaching Quotes

#1. It can be said unequivocally that good teaching is far more complex, difficult, and demanding than mediocre research, which may explain why professors try so hard to avoid it. - Author: Page Smith
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#2. I recognized that teaching and research institutions vitally depend on the involvement of active scientists also in management functions. - Author: Richard Ernst
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#3. I thought my life was mapped out. Research, living in the forest, teaching and writing. But in '86 I went to a conference and realised the chimpanzees were disappearing. I had worldwide recognition and a gift of communication. I had to use them. - Author: Jane Goodall
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#4. The funds from the sale were put into research and general teaching budgets at the university. Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates, Inc., is now a growing enterprise with many model and other econometric facilities. - Author: Lawrence R. Klein
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#5. All this has been very formative in both my research and my teaching, so I value it enormously in my life. It's why I'm a strong proponent of general education
because I saw how it opened my eyes. - Author: Paul Rozin
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#6. In a comprehensive analysis of data on more than half a million professors, the education experts John Hattie and Herbert Marsh found that "the relationship between teaching and research is zero. - Author: Anonymous
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#7. I've never liked the idea of just having an office in a college somewhere and teaching classes and going to the library and doing research all day. I've never wanted that. The glamorous life is the life that appeals to me. - Author: Ben Stein
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#8. How does a weaker minority dominate a physically superior majority? In my research I learned that this is accomplished by destroying the slave's mind. More effective than whips and guns was the simple act of outlawing the teaching of slaves to read and to write. - Author: Kyle Baker
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#9. Effective science teaching calls for active contact with research and that teachers need to mingle with other scientists and to know what is going on in the field. - Author: Alan Tower Waterman
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#10. Right ... What do you do for a living, Smiley?" "After the war I was at Oxford for a bit. Teaching and research. I'm in London now." "One of those clever coves, eh? - Author: John Le Carre
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#11. Critics of American colleges typically attribute the failings of undergraduate education to a tendency on the part of professors to neglect their teaching to concentrate on research. In fact, the evidence does not support this thesis, except perhaps in major research universities. - Author: Derek Bok
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#12. The national research effort, upon which so much depends, will remain healthy only so long as there is sound core of disinterested search for new knowledge and an adequate number of men and women trained for carrying on such research and for teaching young scientists. - Author: Alan Tower Waterman
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#13. I had left teaching, which I enjoyed, because I realized I couldn't get tenure at a research university. - Author: Nancy Roman
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#14. As a fiction writer, all I need is a laptop, and when I'm not teaching, I travel as much as I can, applying for every research grant and overseas gig I hear of, then trying to extend those trips as far as the stipends will go. I love to travel alone. - Author: Molly Antopol
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#15. If I were not a writer, I would spend more time doing the things that I am already doing, which include doing research in physics, teaching, and running a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower women in Cambodia. - Author: Alan Lightman
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#16. Teaching and research are not to be confused with training for a profession. Their greatness and their misfortune is that they are a refuge or a mission. - Author: Claude Levi-Strauss
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#17. A good expository paper will benefit far more people than most research papers. A good text is worth a thousand of the usual trifles that appear in research journals. - Author: Morris Kline
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#18. I divide my time equally between teaching and research. - Author: Susan Lim
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#19. However, I should perhaps add that during the 20 years I have been back in Cambridge, I have been actively involved in the teaching of undergraduates, as well as of course supervising research students. - Author: Aaron Klug
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#20. Teaching Authority of the Church does not forbid ... research and discussions ... with regard to the doctrine of evolution. - Author: Pope Pius XII
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#21. I believe sanity and realism can be restored to the teaching of Mathematical Statistics most easily and directly by entrusting such teaching largely to men and women who have had personal experience of research in the Natural Sciences. - Author: Ronald Fisher
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#22. The model of the teaching hospital, which links research to teaching and service is what's missing in global health. - Author: Paul Farmer
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#23. I made a point of always teaching undergraduates because they are not a captive audience ... I always tried out my research ideas first in the classroom to get feedback from people who didn't have to listen to me if I didn't make it interesting. - Author: Edmund Morgan
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#24. The title which I most covet is that of teacher. The writing of a research paper and the teaching of freshman calculus, and everything in between, falls under this rubric. Happy is the person who comes to understand something and then gets to explain it. - Author: Marshall A. Cohen
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#25. In this age of specialization, I sometimes think of myself as the last 'generalist' in economics, with interests that range from mathematical economics down to current financial journalism. My real interests are research and teaching ... - Author: Paul Samuelson
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#26. In passing, I firmly believe that research should be offset by a certain amount of teaching, if only as a change from the agony of research. The trouble, however, I freely admit, is that in practice you get either no teaching, or else far too much. - Author: John Edensor Littlewood
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#27. Doctoral training is devoted almost entirely to learning to do research, even though most Ph.Ds who enter academic life spend far more time teaching than they do conducting experiments or writing books. - Author: Derek Bok
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#28. Teaching is learning. When you're teaching full-time you have to do research, stay current. - Author: Jimmy Heath
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#29. My challenge as university minister is about getting right balance of teaching and research. - Author: David Willetts
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#30. Medical physicists work in cooperation with doctors. A few medical physicists devote their time to research and teaching. A few get involved with administrative duties. - Author: John Cameron
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#31. Teaching needs an ecosystem that supports evidence-based practice. It will need better systems to disseminate the results of research more widely, but also a better understanding of research, so that teachers can be critical consumers of evidence. - Author: Ben Goldacre
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#32. I served as Dean until 1974, when I stepped down to return to full time teaching and research. - Author: Frederick Reines
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#33. It took me about three years to write About Grace. I wasn't teaching two of those years, so I was working eight-hour days, five days a week. And it would include research and reading - it wasn't just a blank page, laying down words. - Author: Anthony Doerr
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