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Top 34 Republican Tea Party Quotes

#1. Gov. Scott Walker, a Tea Party-tinged Republican, is the advance guard of a new GOP push to dismantle public-sector unions as an electoral force. - Author: Howard Fineman
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#2. I think others may look at the uniqueness of my candidacy, the fact that I'm an African-American, conservative tea party Republican, and somehow race injects itself into the conversation. - Author: Niger Innis
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#3. People we are emotionally open to and close to affect us more than most people realize. If you are emotionally open to people, you will find yourself experiencing the mindset of others. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#4. The Republican Party is like the corpse in 'Weekend at Bernies' and the Tea Party is like the two guys who put sunglasses and a party hat on it and drag it around. - Author: Bill Maher
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#5. The Tea Party definitely scored a significant victory with Senator Cruz's election in 2012 and scored victories in some statewide primaries. But to me, as the Tea Party gets stronger within the Republican Party in Texas, the prospect of a blue Texas becomes stronger and stronger. - Author: Julian Castro
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#6. To some extent, the mainstream's absence means the Tea Party is the Republican Party. - Author: David Remnick
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#7. There's a lot of things we can do to balance out what Obama's done and going forward show the American people the Republican Party can govern. I want a coalition of tea party people, independents, moderate Democrats trying to find a way to move this country forward before we become Greece. - Author: Lindsey Graham
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#8. The Republican Party would be really smart to absorb as much of the Tea Party movement as possible. - Author: Sarah Palin
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#9. I always start my discussions with the Tea Party groups with telling them, 'you know I have only three words for you: God. Bless. You.' Because the Tea Party's bringing the Republican party back to a more conservative base. - Author: Richard Mourdock
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#10. He was undoubtedly intelligent and well informed, but too right-wing for Grane's tastes. It was rare to find a well-educated Swede who was also a wholehearted supporter of the American Republican Party - he even expressed some sympathy for the Tea Party movement. - Author: David Lagercrantz
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#11. People are familiar with 'the stick' of the Tea Party ... challenging incumbents, flooding the phone lines. What they're not so much familiar with, and what I want to expand, is 'the carrot.' So when a Mitch McConnell, or when a Republican caucus stands firm ... we have to reward them. - Author: Niger Innis
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#12. I'm a conservative Republican, and I'm not a member of the Tea Party Caucus, but I have very good friends that are. - Author: Austin Scott
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#13. It's well-known that people don't respond to scarce resources necessarily in what we might consider a positive light. - Author: Jane Poynter
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#14. The Republican establishment may in fact be so desirous of getting rid of the Tea Party as its base, they may be willing to lose some elections in order to get rid of their base and put up a new base. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#15. There's this Tea Party wing, the Republican Party with the Chamber of commerce folks and all of those other people. They are not anti-immigration, by the way. - Author: Julie Roginsky
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#16. Really it's hard to know where the Republican Party ends and the Tea Party begins. - Author: Debbie Wasserman Schultz
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#17. Let us be clear about one thing: The tea party movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party, but a hostile takeover of it. - Author: Matt Kibbe
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#18. If not for the Tea Party, the Republican Party would not be coming back to its roots. - Author: Richard Mourdock
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#19. The Tea Party movement is a wide and diverse group. It will hurt the Republican Party if some elements of the Tea Party decide to become third party advocates because it will split the conservative vote. - Author: Karl Rove
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#20. For them, it was just an ordinary miracle. - Author: Robert Harris
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#21. Unfortunately, the Republican leadership in the House right now seems to have been strangled by the tea party. - Author: Debbie Wasserman Schultz
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#22. We had such a wonderful set of circumstances in Wilmington. Yes, the four of us became famous literally overnight, but we were in a small town and we always knew when people were coming down. We always knew when to behave. - Author: Katie Holmes
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#23. Marco Rubio is interesting because he checks so many boxes when you think about what a Republican nominee needs. He brings Florida, he's young, he's Hispanic, the Tea Party likes him. But that said, he's got issues, actually surprisingly, ironically, with Mexican-American voters. - Author: Mark McKinnon
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#24. One thing Republican leaders, regardless of whether they love us or they hate us, have got to understand is there's no way in hell there will ever be another Republican president without the active engagement of the Tea Party masses and support of the Tea Party masses. - Author: Niger Innis
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#25. President Obama has only had two major policy victories during his tenure: the stimulus package and Obamacare. Both are massively unpopular. The stimulus package launched the Tea Party movement. Obamacare led to the Republican wipeout of 2010. - Author: Ben Shapiro
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#26. There's nothing so improves the mood of the Party as the imminent execution of a senior colleague. - Author: Alan Clark
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#27. Courage' isn't the kinds of word you use to describe yourself, Nick, even if we both know it's true. That only works if other people are saying it. - Author: Lisa Belkin
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#28. In the Tea Party era, it is the restless conservative Republican who has become passion's plaything, the toy of impetuous romance, an erotomania only intensified by the lusting for an upstart savior. - Author: James Wolcott
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#29. I've had some strange notes from fans and a few weird gifts. - Author: Theo James
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#30. Newt Gingrich had to work hard - getting Republican candidates to sign the Contract with America - to nationalize the election that swept Republicans to victory in 1994. A Democratic anti-Tea Party campaign would do that for the Republicans - nationalize the election, gratis - in 2010. - Author: Charles Krauthammer
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#31. Our emotions tell us what to value. They're like a little GPS system: Go that way. Don't go that way. - Author: David Brooks
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#32. Any excuse will serve a tyrant - Author: Aesop
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#33. Like a cowboy saddling a bucking stallion, Republican leaders tried to tame the Tea Party while riding it to victories. - Author: Ron Fournier
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#34. There is no struggle, rift, fight between those who claim the banner of the tea party and those who are in the Republican Party. We work together. - Author: Michael Steele
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