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#1. Self-love is about respecting and appreciating every single part of who you are, and being proud to be you.

Miya Yamanouchi

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#2. A church that is deeply aware of it's misery and nakedness before a holy God will cling tenaciously to an all sufficient Savior, while one that is self-confident and relatively unaware of its inherent sinfulness will reach for religion and morality whenever it seems convenient

Michael Horton

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#3. I was home-schooled for my entire high school experience, so I never went to prom.

Cameron Monaghan

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#4. Excuse me. This is a private club and we don't just allow anyone in here.

Stormy Smith

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#5. Thirrin pointedly ingnored the long woollen warmers that Oskan had carefully rolled down over the ears of his mule, Jenny. Even the fact that they were bright yellow with red pom-poms on the very tips didn't drag any sort of comment out of her.

Stuart Hill

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