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#1. So many thoughts ran through my head. Most of them contained the same, simply three words so often strung together that it was too much a classic cheese or cliche to say it, but they still had meaning, no matter how many times they had been repeated. - Author: Alysha Speer
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#2. Words, like acts, become stale when they are repeated. - Author: Ellen Glasgow
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#3. Eternity, I repeated, the words burning into my brain, so much so it felt we'd made some form of sacred and unbreakable bond. - Author: Tima Maria Lacoba
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#4. Well," she repeated, "be it all right with you if Mr. Death pins her to the wall?"
Devyl hesitated as several scenarios for those words went through his mind. William having his way with the beast in a corner.
Or Will literally daggering the hag. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#5. Quiet," he repeated on a growl, "I'm about to fuck my wife and the only words I want her saying when I do it are 'yes', 'Tor', 'my prince', 'baby' and 'oh my God'. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#6. Words repeated again have as another sound, so another sense. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
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#7. Frankenstein's monster speaks: the computer. But where are its words coming from? Is the wisdom on those cold lips our own, merely repeated at our request? Or is something else speaking? - A voice we have always dreamed of hearing? - Author: Karl Schroeder
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#8. He listened to his words fall as if from the mouth of another, and watched his father's face, which received those words as a stone receives the repeated blows of a fist. - Author: John Edward Williams
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#9. You saved me," he repeated. The words sounded like they'd been pulled from the depths of his soul. He stepped back and then dropped his jeans, laying his body, mind, and soul bare with me. "Baby - " "My own parents walked away from me, but you saved me," he hissed, raising a shaking hand to my face. - Author: C.P. Smith
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#10. And everything that comes out of my mouth is gonna be repeated in two-sentence-long bites for the next years of my life. Certain words travel far and wide. - Author: Cory Monteith
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#11. A godsend," she repeated. Funny choice of words. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#12. Saying those words made a sharp, quick panic rise up in her, an aching pain that had her throat closing. "You left me," she repeated. Maybe it was only out of blind terror at the abyss opening up again around her, but she whispered, "I have no one left. No one. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#13. Kill him." Dr. Kissing repeated my words in a flat, matter-of-fact voice. "Just so. But 'kill,' as you will have observed, like 'spy' and 'stop,' is really just one more of those short but exceedingly troublesome words. - Author: Alan Bradley
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#14. Maybe I'm old-fashioned," she repeated, "in this one area. I don't think we should live together. I
think we should get married."
"That's just another ... " The words sank in, momentarily dulled his brain. "Whoa."
"Yes, and with that scintillating response - Author: Nora Roberts
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#15. Finnvid repeated Theos's words over in his mind, committing them to memory. And he repeated them in his heart, and committed them to Theos. - Author: Kate Sherwood
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#16. Fall?" he repeated. "Say more like flying, as if someone threw you. What ... was that?"
I chewed on my words before I let them out. "I ... sometimes have little disagreements with ... um, with reality. And physics. - Author: Kat Richardson
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#17. Interplanetary dust, I repeated, liking the feel of the words on my tongue. - Author: Jenny Han
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#18. Milo was concerned for Vilenthe she had a point the words repeated in her mind what makes you think she gives a shit you?Just think about that for a second before you do anything you'll regret. - Author: Charon Lloyd-Roberts
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#19. I'm yours." It was his turn to stop her words. "Just stay with me," he said. "In any way you want." "You deserve better." Rough, broken words. "There's no one better than you." "I'll be the best soldier you ever have," she repeated in a shattered whisper. "I know." It would have to be enough. - Author: Nalini Singh
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#20. He repeated the words dutifully, and then put together his very first sentence in elegant King's English. "Cut...fuck...Bil-lee. - Author: Mark Wildyr
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#21. Do not hope; instead, observe were words that Flora, as a cynic, had found useful in the extreme. She repeated them to herself a lot. - Author: Kate DiCamillo
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#22. In truth, his most ardent fantasy was to hear her saying the three words he had repeated so often already. I love you. - Author: Cristiane Serruya
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#23. When she awoke every morning, she repeated the same words: I will not be afraid. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#24. Never had a decent report in his life!" Tony repeated, hardly able to believe the words. He was thinking, in shocked surprise, that even Tante Bettina did not know how mad the English could be. - Author: Constance Savery
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#25. Love me, Kat.
The words repeated in his brain like a song he was unable to find the end of.
I've loved ye since I dipped your braid in that wax. Dinna fret about making a child. Let me be enough for ye. Ye're enough for me. - Author: Mia Marlowe
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#26. I won't marry you," she repeated.
"Why not? You were eager enough to fuck me."
Anna winced. "I do wish you would stop using that word."
Edward swung around and assumed a hideously sarcastic expression. "Would you prefer swive? Tup? Dance the buttock jig? - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
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#27. Newton, Pascal, Bossuet, Racine, F?nelon
that is to say, some of the most enlightened men on earth, in the most philosophical of all ages
have been believers in Jesus Christ; and the great Cond?, when dying, repeated these noble words, "Yes, I shall see God as He is, face to face!". - Author: Luc De Clapiers
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#28. We must find out what words are and how they function. They become images when written down, but images of words repeated in the mind and not of the image of the thing itself. - Author: William S. Burroughs
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#29. Pretty words," Brooke said, dropping her arms so they laid limply at her sides. "But even the prettiest song can lose its intended meaning if it is repeated constantly. - Author: Heather C. Myers
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#30. I followed him up the stairs. I was a fornicator, of unnatural appetite, in thrall to an Atheist. I repeated the words in my head and tried to feel the shock of them, but they remained strange and cruel, far removed from Ferris and me. It was simpler to say I was in love. - Author: Maria McCann
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#31. If only," repeated Rick with a shake of his head. "Those are two words in the English language that we regret saying the most. - Author: Linda Weaver Clarke
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#32. Somehow, perhaps because of the way he spoke in a manner reminiscent of Jack Bauer from 24, Lara calmed down. She repeated his words in her head. Wait. Assess. Intel. Yes, OK, that sounded sensible.
Then the hysterical coward in her reared up unannounced and she tried to run for the door again. - Author: Lola Salt
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#33. When a poem might become a song, then certain parts are repeated and might become a refrain or a chorus, so they change in that way. But it's more the nature of the words and what they're saying that determines whether it's a poem or a song. - Author: PJ Harvey
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#34. Never can that be told, for those who saw and lived through it have lost the gift of words and those who are dead can tell no tales. Those were things which are not told, but forgotten. Fore where they not forgotten, how could they ever be repeated? - Author: Ivo Andric
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#35. At these words, the fathers of the fifty boys cried out aloud; the mothers repeated their exclamations an octave higher; whilst the rest, without knowing the cause, soon drowned the voices of both, with still louder lamentations of their own. - Author: William Beckford
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#36. Nobody gets to tell me how my story ends but me, she thought, and the words were true enough that she repeated them aloud: "Nobody gets to tell me how my story ends but me. - Author: Seanan McGuire
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#37. Pretend you're good at it." It seemed too simple, but it was all I had so I scrawled the words on my arm and repeated it as a mantra. - Author: Jenny Lawson
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#38. Words that add no new information or aren't repeated for emphasis are just padding. A sentence may carry three or five or eight of them, each one as unnoticeable as an extra two ounces on your hips but collectively adding up to a large burden of fat. - Author: Nancy Kress
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#39. The Force is with me," he repeated. "And I am with the Force." Did he believe the words? Did it matter? Had it ever mattered? - Author: Alexander Freed
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#40. Dead?' repeated the old woman in the dressing gown. She sounded offended. 'Has hif,' she said, grandly aspirating each aitch as if that were the only way to convey the gravity of her words. 'Has hif han 'Empstock would hever do hanything so . . . common . . . - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#41. I repeated your words, Dakota. - Author: Catherine Bybee
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#42. Without thought he repeated some words which a boy had once chalked on the blackboard between lessons: 'A lump of coal is better than nothing. Nothing is better than God. Therefore a lump of coal is better than God'. And then he traced his own name with his finger on the cracked and broken floor. - Author: Peter Ackroyd
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#43. and the first words I learnt, were to express my desire "that he would please give me my liberty;" which I every day repeated on my knees. His - Author: Jonathan Swift
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