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Top 14 Repatriated Quotes

#1. I think that when you have somebody who really is kind of forced to see the world through someone else's eyes, I think it really is eye opening. - Author: Morgan Spurlock
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#2. The past is a candle at great distance: too close to let you quit, too far to comfort you. - Author: Amy Bloom
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#3. I see the sharp inequality between how Haitian and Cuban refugees are treated in Florida. Both groups come here because their lives are equally desperate. But on arrival, the Haitians are incarcerated, and some are immediately repatriated, whereas Cubans get to stay and are eligible for citizenship. - Author: Edwidge Danticat
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#4. There was a regulation that if they remained at large in enemy territory for some weeks longer, they could be repatriated to the United States. It was for this that they had made a hazardous parachute jump and destroyed an expensive, very slightly damaged aeroplane. - Author: Evelyn Waugh
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#5. Everyone, without exception, is searching for happiness. - Author: Blaise Pascal
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#6. The nearest thing to eternal life we will ever see on this earth is a government program. - Author: Ronald Reagan
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#7. As a performer, I wanted to be the loudest, most persistent alarm clock I could be, because there didn't seem like any other way to snap society out of its Christianity- and media-induced coma. - Author: Marilyn Manson
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#8. He came to me through faith in him. - Author: James Pinnick
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#9. We would learn as much as we could, be as honourable as we could, be as courageous as we could, and be as happy as we could. - Author: S.L. Mills
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#10. Any game that you step on, you can get beat. - Author: Ray Lewis
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#11. Salman Rushdie, indeed any writer who abuses the prophet or indeed any prophet under Islamic law, the sentence for that is actually death. - Author: Cat Stevens
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#12. Pain reminds you that you're alive. Love reminds you why you live. - Author: Anthony Labson
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#13. She can't make me," Gansey said.
"She doesn't have to," Ronan sniffed. "Mama's boy."
"Dream me a solution."
"Don't have to. Nature already gave you a spine. You know what I say? Fuck Washington. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#14. If there's one thing for which I admire you, it's your original discovery of the Ten Commandments. - Author: Thomas Reed
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