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#1. Mais c'est renfantillage - this is childishness!' we heard de Grandin pant as we closed in and sought a chance to seize his skeleton-like antagonist. 'He who fights an imp of Satan as if he were human is a fool!'
("The Man In Crescent Terrace")

Seabury Quinn

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#2. Yes, life was made up of these instances in time. Big moments hidden inside little decisions.

Genevieve Dewey

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#3. At a given moment a child becomes interested in a piece of work, showing it by the expression of his face, by his intense attention, by his perseverance in the same exercise. That child has set foot upon the road leading to discipline.

Maria Montessori

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#4. Through meditation we can channel outer energy to create inner calmness and peace.

Debasish Mridha

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#5. New York has total depth in every area. Washington has only politics; after that, the second biggest thing is white marble.

John Lindsay

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#6. I met my husband at the rehearsal of a play. We were introduced, and he shook my hand without looking at me and said perfunctorily, 'Pleased to meet you.'

Rebecca Pidgeon

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#7. She said Mom closed up the house one day, turned the oven on full, and sat by its open door. Apparently it's still a Cry For Help, even though our oven's electric.

D.B.C. Pierre

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#8. When I'm fishing, I feel guilty that I'm not writing, and when I'm writing, I feel guilty that I'm not fishing. But when push comes to shove, I'll always take the writing.

Raymond Carver

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#9. It seems very unfortunate that in order to secure political preference, people are made Vice President who are never intended, neither by party nor by the Lord, to be Presidents.

Omar N. Bradley

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