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#1. Some people remaster their records six, seven times, remix it three, four times, spend a million hours, then they always go back and hear a demo of it and they'll say, 'Aw that sounds so much better than the final mix.' - Author: Jack White
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#2. My job is to allow the character to live and breathe - and become as real to the reader as he or she is to me. - Author: Francine Rivers
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#3. Ignorance of the law is no good excuse, where every man is bound to take notice of the laws to which he is subject. - Author: Thomas Hobbes
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#4. Not doing anything is doing something and choosing to look away is a passive but no less mortal sin. - Author: Bill Maher
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#5. We're not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term. - Author: Lindsey Graham
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#6. I don't know of any plans to remaster the Mr Mister catalog. - Author: Pat Mastelotto
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#7. Daddy got mad when people made assumptions about him, but I liked it. It made me feel someone wanted to know me. Even if they were wrong, it didn't matter. It mattered only that they were trying. - Author: Alicia Erian
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#8. The first generation of CDs sounded terrible. Any chance to remaster would make the music sound better than what was already out there. - Author: Lou Reed
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#9. The habit of looking on the bright side of every event is worth more than a thousand pounds a year. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#10. But while having some choice is generally good, it seems that having too many options tends to undermine our feelings of satisfaction, no matter which option we choose. - Author: Sam Harris
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#11. I applaud anything that can take a kid away from a PlayStation or a Gameboy. That is a miracle in itself. - Author: Gary Oldman
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#12. Yeah, I might remaster it, in fact I'm sure I would. But all the songs will be the same. - Author: John Wozniak
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#13. Let us consider humanity a biogram (the basic DNA blueprint of the human organism and its potentials) united with a logogram (this set of "conditioned verbal habits"). The biogram has not changed in several hundred thousand years; the logogram is different in each society. - Author: Robert Shea
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