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Top 14 Religiosi Quotes

#1. History is running very fast in my country. - Author: Victor Robert Lee
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#2. Every time there's elections, we hand out cash. Usually to both sides, but this time the government is going to win for sure. The opposition is in a total mess. So we just have to pay off the government, which is good for us. - Author: Aravind Adiga
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#3. There are few pages of history which do not demonstrate that public prayer and ritual never inoculated people against mass-madness and cruelty. What is needed is emphasis on morality and manners. - Author: Steve Allen
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#4. She is a girl who cannot walk her troubles off, or work them off; she is a girl to sit around and glare. - Author: Dodie Smith
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#5. I've written immense love letters that are supposed to be opened over days at a time. - Author: Cary Fukunaga
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#6. People are much more fascinated by your interests than they are by your opinions. - Author: Arlene Francis
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#7. If you're going to act and do this for a living, you want to play something that the audience didn't expect. - Author: Albert Brooks
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#8. I think sometimes people think cheerful is a synonym for dumb, so no one is ever cheerful. - Author: Mindy Kaling
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#9. Audrey used to pass her some of her story books, but Gayle was no reader, not much or a homemaker neither, though Betty did try giving her a few lessons. I reckon Gayle lived on potato chips and Dr Pepper, and when Okey was home, they just lived on love. - Author: Laurie Graham
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#10. You string some letters together, and you make a word. You string some words together, and you make a sentence, then a paragraph, then a chapter. Words have power. - Author: Chloe Neill
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#11. By now, I should have learned that luck, if she was a lady, was a mean-spirited bitch with a grudge against me. - Author: Jaye Wells
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#12. I don't think the goal is, 'How big a star did you ever become?' I think the goal is, 'Were you able to express yourself?' - Author: Albert Brooks
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#13. If me and my friends are feeling decadent, we go for afternoon tea. - Author: Sophie McShera
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#14. When it comes to improv, Specifics beget specifics. - Author: Craig Cackowski
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