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Top 11 Relationship Difficulty Quotes

#1. If your husband has difficulty getting to sleep, the words 'we need to talk about our relationship' may help. - Author: Rita Rudner
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#2. As much as we love each other, there is some growing difficulty in my adult relationship with my father. Because we're both writers, we're having a very intimate conversation in a very public forum. - Author: Natasha Trethewey
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#3. I'm an artist, and I'm part of every decision in a movie. - Author: Pedro Almodovar
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#4. When you've knocked someone unconscious, put him into the recovery position. If you want him to recover. - Author: Lee Child
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#5. I haven't sought self-forgiveness because I feel I was preyed upon and not responsible for the many bad things that happened to me. - Author: Liane Holliday Willey
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#6. Evil is of the devil. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#7. There's no place for mob justice in Afghanistan. - Author: Ashraf Ghani
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#8. Have empathy, gratitude and respect for every position in the company. - Author: Kat Cole
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#9. Q: Did he think that love could last forever? A: Well, no, but the limits to eternity didn't lie specifically with love. They lay in the general difficulty of maintaining an appreciative relationship with anything or anyone that was always around. - Author: Alain De Botton
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#10. China-Africa relationship has a long history and is full of vitality. Since the 1950s and 1960s, our common historical experiences have brought China and Africa together, and we have forged deep friendship in our joint struggle during which we have supported each other in times of difficulty. - Author: Li Keqiang
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#11. Do we approach God from a beggar's perspective or as His cherished child? If we have any difficulty seeing Him as our loving Father, we need to ask Him to help us develop a healthy Father/child relationship. - Author: David Jeremiah
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