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#1. China is a developing country with a huge population, and also a developing country in a crucial stage of reform. In this context, China still faces many challenges in economic and social development. And a lot still needs to be done in China, in terms of human rights. - Author: Hu Jintao
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#2. Most Republicans are not prepared to stand up to the fossil fuel industry because they get a lot of their campaign funds from the Koch brothers and other people in the fossil fuel industry. That tells me why we have to reform our campaign finance system. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#3. Putting a stop to internet gambling is a necessary reform that targets flagrant violations of state and federal laws. - Author: John Shadegg
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#4. I do believe that all of the world needs reform. The reform must take place everywhere. - Author: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
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#5. A politician is just like a pickpocket; it's almost impossible to get him to reform. - Author: Will Rogers
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#6. An indefinable something is to be done, in a way nobody knows how, at a time nobody knows when, that will accomplish nobody knows what. - Author: Bill Vaughan
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#7. My heart and passion has always been to reform the criminal justice system. I want to be a public servant, and I wanted to be a prosecutor because I felt it was the best way forward. - Author: Marilyn Mosby
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#8. The interests of the United States are better served by demanding reform and seeing that reform takes place than by removing our influence from the UN. - Author: Jesse Helms
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#9. There is a growing acceptance and interest in publicly funded school choice as a catalyst for education reform in general and a way to empower parents to be education reformers. - Author: John T. Walton
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#10. Self-reform is the only kind that works. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#11. If we expose the Chinese to our freedoms, it may create a greater hunger for democracy, reform and liberties in China. - Author: Gary Locke
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#12. When Congress talks of tax reform, grab your wallet and run for cover. - Author: Steve Symms
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#13. No reform ever came from the bottom, and it was always people who understood how the ruling class worked who turned out to be the reformers. - Author: Gore Vidal
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#14. It is my great desire to reform my subjects, and yet I am ashamed to confess that I am unable to reform myself. - Author: Peter The Great
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#15. Like George Sand, the feminism of the present day asserts the right of free thought against the creed of authority in every field; the solidarity of mankind and the cause of peace against the patriotism of militarism; social reform against the existing relations of society. - Author: Ellen Key
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#16. If you take a look at Medicare, there are things we could do, not just tort reform but truly reform the whole reimbursement system which will help in terms of reducing costs and creating the right kind of incentives for savings. - Author: John Hoeven
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#17. As for when to reform the yuan, there is no timetable yet. - Author: Wu Yi
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#18. Whatever the reason, the fact is that there was no widespread catechetical teaching for Christian children. Things were going to change. The growing awareness of the need for Christian education was one of the chief forces behind the desire in the sixteenth century to reform the rite of baptism. - Author: Hughes Oliphant Old
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#19. We must have sweeping, generous immigration reform, make existing law- abiding Hispanics welcome. Most are hard working family people. - Author: Rupert Murdoch
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#20. But listening to him [Barack Obama] speak, it's easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or reform - not even in the state Senate. - Author: Sarah Palin
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#21. The Tea Party knows that continuing to delay charting a course to spending reform hurts everybody. - Author: Bob Barr
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#22. I want to have a good vote in the Senate so we send the message that the Republicans and the Democrats are together in favor of immigration reform. - Author: Bob Menendez
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#23. President Obama hosted lawmakers Thursday saying he wanted bipartisan input on health care reform. Nobody's mind was changed. At the summit's end he threatened to go with the nuclear option, showing he's tougher on Republicans than he is on Iran. - Author: Argus Hamilton
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#24. You can't have people curating culture in this way when we need to see things in order to reform from them. - Author: David Oyelowo
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#25. Health is a human necessity; health is a human right - Author: James Lenhart
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#26. I always am a firm believer in you compensate people for their job, and so I did give them bonuses. We accomplished a lot in Congress, we passed health care reform. There were threats against their lives; they had a tough two years. They'd forgone any cost-of-living increase or any bonus before. - Author: John Salazar
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#27. I wonder in what way I would function as a person, in a society without ever attending school. I'd be myself. - Author: J.R. Rim
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#28. Even if we didn't have a single person in the USA in violation of immigration laws, we'd still have to do immigration reform, because our legal immigration system is broken. It's not good for anybody. - Author: Marco Rubio
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#29. I don't believe environment has the slightest bit to do with anything - I only believe in ancestral influence. It would have made no difference whether I'd been brought up in a reform school, or on the island of Lesbos. - Author: Preston Sturges
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#30. On 7 October 1909 E. D.Morel, head of the Congo Reform Association,wrote A. Conan Doyle, a member, that Conrad's story [Heart of Darkness] was the "most powerful thing ever writtenon the subject. - Author: Hunt Hawkins
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#31. I?m not even sure I?d go into a reformed House of Lords. But let?s put it like this, the decision would have been easier had there been not even complete reform but a substantial stride. - Author: Neil Kinnock
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#32. When it comes to morality, I'd rather have an unfaithful president like Bill Clinton, who tried to reform welfare, than a faithful George Bush who propagated an illegal war on the rest of the world. So that is where my morality stands. - Author: Steve Coogan
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#33. I'd like to continue being involved with issues that animated my time as attorney general - criminal-justice reform and civil rights especially. I don't just want to give speeches; I'd like to involve myself in this work in a systematic way. - Author: Eric Holder
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#34. Kaizen and innovation are the two major strategies people use to create change. Where innovation demands shocking and radical reform, all kaizen asks is that you take small, comfortable steps toward improvement. - Author: Robert D. Maurer
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#35. Our teaching systems mostly teach us how to conform but not how to reform. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#36. There are over 170,000 pages of regulations in Washington, D.C. I want to streamline the rules in the federal government to basically allow businesses to grow without fear of burdensome federal regulations. That's a passion to me, regulatory reform. - Author: Jason T. Smith
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#37. You'd have to suit me first...and you do not. You must reform your ways, and you have not, and you must know me first, and you will not, and you must believe in love, and you cannot. - Author: Gayle Eden
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#38. If they had won, all they'd have thought about was making more money, the upper class. Abendsen, he's wrong; there would be no social reform, no welfare public works plans - the Anglo-Saxon plutocrats wouldn't have permitted it." Juliana thought, Spoken like a devout Fascist. - Author: Philip K. Dick
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#39. We will proceed with current land reform with or without sanctions, ... Let that position be known here and abroad and let the commercial farmers tell that to their constituency or constituencies overseas. - Author: Robert Mugabe
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#40. I'd never have guessed that, six years after Medicare introduced a drug benefit, it would still be forbidden to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies. Health reform might fix that, but it probably won't. - Author: Timothy Noah
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#41. The reforms proposed by the Patent Reform Act of 2007 are precisely the type of congressional action needed. The Act will remove obstacles to growth and restore balance to the patent system. - Author: Viet D. Dinh
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#42. What I'd like to do is be able to work with Democrats to reform current entitlement programs for future generations, grandfathering all the grandparents. - Author: Jeb Hensarling
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#43. Lord, reform Thy world, beginning with me. - Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt
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#44. Dear teachers, please make reading and writing fun. Reading and writing shouldn't be a punishment while in school. I ask you to create and teach two electives: "Reading for Pleasure" and "Writing for Pleasure". - Author: Gloria D. Gonsalves
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#45. If suffering through four years of hellishly misguided big government is the price we pay for true reform, it may in the end be worth it. - Author: Peter D. Schiff
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#46. If there were two candidates, a Democrat and a Republican, who each committed to the same kind of fundamental reform, then the election would be an election between the vice presidential candidates. It'd be just like the regular election, except it would be one step down. - Author: Lawrence Lessig
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#47. One of the achievements of the reform movement is that people realize that they can be democrats and remain faithful Muslims. Democracy is now an established idea. - Author: Abdolkarim Soroush
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#48. You have to make more noise than anybody else, you have to make yourself more obtrusive than anybody else, you have to fill all the papers more than anybody else, in fact you have to be there all the time and see that they do not snow you under, if you are really going to get your reform realized. - Author: Emmeline Pankhurst
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#49. Reform is born of need, not pity. No vital movement of the people has worked down, for good or evil; fermented, instead, carried up the heaving, cloggy mass. - Author: Rebecca Harding Davis
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#50. As part of Social Security reform, I believe that private savings accounts are a part of it
along the lines that President Bush proposed. - Author: John McCain
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#51. Not too many years ago, both parties acknowledged that our entitlement commitments were a sword hanging over our heads. But when President George W. Bush tried to begin discussions on Social Security reform, Democrats ridiculed and demonized him and told seniors he was after their nest eggs. - Author: David Limbaugh
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#52. I salute all the nations of the Arab Spring and I salute the heroic people of Syria who are striving for freedom, democracy and reform. - Author: Ismail Haniyeh
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#53. There is such a thing as commonsense middle-ground gun reform, and most gun owners support it. - Author: Mike Quigley
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#54. Do we have to shed blood to reform the current system? I hope it doesn't come to that! But it might. - Author: Timothy McVeigh
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#55. Even in 1831 Lowick was at peace, not more agitated by Reform than by the solemn tenor of the Sunday sermon. The - Author: George Eliot
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#56. The message I would say to China is, 'Carry on with the reform; carry on with the change you are making.' - Author: George Osborne
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#57. I've always been fond of the saying that when it comes to oversight and reform, the federal government does two things well: nothing and overreact. - Author: Darrell Issa
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#58. We must restore faith in politics. Reform of the House of Lords is only one part of the answer, but it is a vital one. - Author: Charles Kennedy
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#59. Injustice, poverty, slavery, ignorance - these may be cured by reform or revolution. But men do not live only by fighting evils. They live by positive goals, individual and collective, a vast variety of them, seldom predictable, at times incompatible. - Author: Isaiah Berlin
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#60. My dream is to reform the legal system over the next 20 years. - Author: David Eagleman
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#61. We should effect a radical reform in the character of the food. - Author: Nikola Tesla
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#62. Actually criminal sanctions that are given could be up to five years for violating the rules and regulations under the campaign finance reform. This is like the Alien and Sedition Act of years and years ago, decades ago. - Author: Jay Alan Sekulow
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#63. We need to decouple the movement for comprehensive immigration reform and justice for immigrants from the legislative process and from the Democratic Party process. They are too linked. - Author: Luis Gutierrez
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#64. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the land question in Zimbabwe is the single most decisive one. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
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#65. Over on the Democratic side, Martin O'Malley recently spoke about the need for Wall Street reform and said that he isn't running for president to be quote, 'wined and dined' by executives. Then Chris Christie said, 'And I am also not running to be wined.' - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#66. Do not spill thy soul in running hither and yon, grieving over the mistakes and the vices of others. The one person whom it is most necessary to reform is yourself. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#67. I've developed several serious policy proposals to create jobs, reform Washington and reduce spending. - Author: Deb Fischer
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#68. If people are innately saddled with certain sins and flaws, like selfishness, prejudice, sort-sightedness, and self-deception, then political reform would seem to be a waste of time. - Author: Steven Pinker
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#69. (Dune's Frank) Herbert made religion the inescapable instrument of cultural change. - Author: Joseph Bottum
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#70. The UN Commission on Human Rights, whose membership in recent years has included countries - such as Libya and Sudan - which have deplorable human rights records, and the recent Oil-for-Food scandal, are just a few examples of why reform is so imperative. - Author: John Linder
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#71. Actually, I'm a strong supporter of comprehensive tax reform. - Author: John S. Watson
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#72. Some often repent, yet never reform; they resemble a man traveling in a dangerous path, who frequently starts and stops, but never turns back. - Author: Bonnell Thornton
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#73. We must move from revenue-neutral to revenue-reducing tax reform, because the federal government spends far too much money. - Author: Carly Fiorina
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#74. Every abuse ought to be reformed, unless the reform is more dangerous than the abuse itself. - Author: Voltaire
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#75. You know, Roland and I were just talking about how we don't have any pyromaniac friends. And everyone knows you need a good pyro to pull off any reform school prank worth the effort. - Author: Lauren Kate
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#76. The only kind of reform usually possible is reform from within; a more intimate study and more intelligent use of the traditional forms. - Author: George Santayana
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#77. Can teachers successfully educate children to think for themselves if teachers are not treated as professionals who think for themselves? - Author: Diane Ravitch
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#78. In the suburban Midwestern Reform Jewish world I was raised in, in the nineteen-seventies and eighties, grown men built plastic scale models of Israeli tanks and F-15 jets and displayed them throughout the house, dangling the warplanes from bedroom ceilings with fishing line. - Author: Rick Perlstein
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#79. Input of public judgement for any major tax reform. - Author: Newt Gingrich
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#80. Inspiring scenes of people taking the future of their countries into their own hands will ignite greater demands for good governance and political reform elsewhere in the world, including in Asia and in Africa. - Author: William Hague
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#81. To discard what is unwanted, and to retain what is needed, is what reform means. - Author: Periyar E.V. Ramasamy
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#82. Any reform of that fundamental nature, potentially constitutional, it has to go to the people. It has to be a be a referendum, and that's why it was a plebiscite in all of the provinces in which it's been attempted. - Author: Rona Ambrose
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#83. We've got to have major health care reform because that is the 800-pound gorilla. That is the thing that can swamp the boat fiscally for the United States. - Author: Kent Conrad
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#84. I'm not talking about reforming is to reform the #Muslim minds & the Muslim understandings of the texts. - Author: Tariq Ramadan
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#85. To restore the trust of the people, we must reform the way the government operates. - Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger
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#86. America deserves common sense immigration reform that reflects our interests and our values as Americans. - Author: Hank Johnson
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#87. The War on Drugs, cloaked in race-neutral language, offered whites opposed to racial reform a unique opportunity to express their hostility toward blacks and black progress, without being exposed to the charge of racism. - Author: Michelle Alexander
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#88. What blurt is this about virtue and about vice?
Evil propels me and reform of evil propels me, I stand indifferent,
My gait is no fault-finder's or rejecter's gait,
I moisten the roots of all that has grown. - Author: Walt Whitman
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#89. You see, nature will do exactly what it must, and if we are a hindrance to its development, to even its destructive powers to reform itself and we are in a way, we will go. - Author: Ralph Steadman
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#90. The American people ... want change. They want big ideas, big reform. - Author: Rahm Emanuel
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#91. Although everyone wants to change the teacher, it's time for the agents of educational reform to change themselves. - Author: Andy Hargreaves
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#92. With an agenda dominated by global security and U.N. reform, it appears that the decisions needed to lift millions of people from abject poverty are not being given the prominence they deserve. - Author: Kumi Naidoo
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#93. An old stomach reforms more whiskey drinkers than a new resolve. - Author: Don Marquis
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#94. Thinking Reports enable the prisoners to wash their brains, and become new!" he announced cheerfully. "Washing the brain is very important to your reform, and improving your real situation. - Author: Dominic Stevenson
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#95. I have been absolutely clear where I'm coming from about health care reform. This is something this nation has to do and a robust public option has been the mantra of my campaign from the very outset. - Author: John Garamendi
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#96. You do not reform a world by ignoring it. - Author: George H. W. Bush
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#97. The American Communists had thrived as champions of domestic reform. - Author: Earl Browder
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#98. Americans for Tax Reform is a national taxpayer organization dedicated to opposing any and all tax increases. We work at the national, state and local level for lower taxes, less government spending and limited government. - Author: Grover Norquist
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#99. I've been very engaged in Illinois and Chicago civic activities for a long time; mostly around building businesses and helping entrepreneurs grow companies, but also around education and education reform. - Author: Bruce Rauner
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#100. The Reform Bill has destroyed the ancient conduits and strainers, and brings Public Opinion to act upon the government with the rapid, turbulent, and uncertain violence of a flood! - Author: Robert Peel
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