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#1. God isn't going to scribble across the sky. The shark is gone. - Author: Peter Benchley
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#2. The very first Walnut Whales recording was recorded just a few weeks after I had started singing, out of the blue, started singing. And the voice, you can hear how uncomfortable I am with it, and how terrified I am with it. - Author: Joanna Newsom
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#3. I'd like to be the romantic lead one day, but I've got to grow my hair first. - Author: Vinnie Jones
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#4. Friends, do not be afraid of silence or stillness. Listen to God. Adore Him in the Eucharist. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
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#5. Florentine cuisine is surely something worth discovering. I believe I learned a lot about Florentine culture and traditions from observing how they live their relationship with food. - Author: Elaine Bertolotti
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#6. There are thousands and thousands of free programs available for people of any income level. - Author: Matthew Lesko
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#7. Take rainwater kept for several years, and mix a sextarius of this water with a pound of honey The whole is exposed to the sun for 40 days, and then left on a shelf near the fire. If you have no rain water, then boil spring water. - Author: Columella
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#8. When people send people on summer camps or bonding trips, they send them to do things like high rope climbing or extraordinary things. And when you do extraordinary things with people, like fighting battles or simulating huge wars, you do bond very quickly. - Author: Anna Popplewell
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#9. It was the sick and decaying who despised the body and earth and invented the heavenly realm and the redemptive drops of blood: but they took even these sweet and gloomy poisons from body and earth. They wanted to escape their own misery, and the stars were too far for them. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#10. ... but because they felt the neighborhood was safer than the one around Columbia, the medical campus of which was so far north that it was practically an annex of the Bronx - Author: Michelle Au
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#11. How do you walk from one place to another? What makes you want to walk someplace? Any place that you want to get out of your car and walk is a good place by definition. - Author: Jaquelin T. Robertson
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#12. Don't waste your time on people; let them waste on you. - Author: M.F. Moonzajer
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#13. I love the Kerastase Hair Oils and the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. They're great for making my hair really soft, but to be honest, any cheap conditioner works. Just leave it on and let it soak in, and it really helps, whatever you use. - Author: Abbey Clancy
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#14. I resist when someone calls me a novelist: it implies some kind of inherent superiority of the novel. I'm not a novelist, I'm a writer. - Author: Aleksandar Hemon
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