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#1. We need to push ourselves to make as many reductions as possible in our own energy use first.. and that takes time. But we must do this quickly.. the climate will not wait for us.

Rupert Murdoch

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#2. It may also be pertinent to ask whether a greater effort in the less expensive basic stages of research may not lead to reductions of effort in the far costlier stages of development and prototype construction.

Alan Tower Waterman

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#3. Republicans are not going to play I-told-you-so, but it is pretty obvious that the tax reductions passed in 2003 helped Americans dig out of a recession and get back to work.

Marsha Blackburn

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#4. A sagging economy, a soaring national debt, and an increasingly restive Congress pushed Obama to order troop reductions that are both deeper and faster than recommended by his military commanders.

Ron Fournier

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#5. From solar to electric cars, from geothermal to reconfiguring the grid, the scale of investment needed in green technologies in order to meet whatever agreements on emissions reductions are finally agreed will be immense.

Noreena Hertz

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#6. With every day that goes by, there will be further reductions on what's left of the season

David Stern

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#7. We must strongly resist reductions in diversity, especially when it happens, either directly or indirectly, because of our own activities.

David Brandon

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#8. Well, now, and there's - for every dollar the federal government spends, there's real people on the other side, and so when we talk about reductions that are going to affect providers, that's going to affect hospitals and doctors and others.

Franklin Raines

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#9. The very gradual reductions in my weight which I am able to show, may be interesting to many, and I have great pleasure in stating them, believing that they serve to demonstrate further the merit of the system pursued.

William Banting

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#10. When they call the slightest spending reductions 'painful', we will say 'If government spending prevents pain, why are we suffering so much of it?' And 'If you want to experience real pain, just stay on the track we are on.'

Mitch Daniels

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#11. Labor has come out with a series of proposals to increase taxes, including taxes on people across Australia saving for their retirement, he has actually identified so far zero dollars in spending reductions.

Tony Abbott

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#12. Several medical professional organizations acknowledge the utility of opioid therapy and many case series and large surveys report satisfactory reductions in pain, improvement in function and minimal risk of addiction.

Andrew Rosenblum

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#13. This welfare for wealthy companies wastes taxpayer dollars, harms the environment, and makes a mockery of the recent reductions in federal social spending programs.

Ralph Nader

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#14. I accept that in a free society you have to justify reductions in people's liberties. I accept that, bearing in mind my starting point is that the most important human right is the right to life ...

John Howard

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#15. Programs that pay farmers not to farm often devastate rural areas. The reductions hurt everyone from fertilizer companies to tractor salesmen.

Dick Armey

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#16. Democrats will play the old Washington game of calling reductions in the rate of growth of spending for any program a 'cut'.

Bruce Bartlett

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#17. Three scenarios for post-Kyoto emissions reductions indicate that ... the long-term consequences are small ... The influence of the Protocol would, furthermore, be undetectable for many decades.

Tom Wigley

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#18. It's critical - that the people that are benefiting today from Medicare and Social Security that they not see benefit reductions. It's awfully hard to tell someone who might be 82, that they've gotta go back to work, because their benefits are gonna be chopped. That's not gonna happen.

Fred Upton

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#19. Make no mistake: Tackling climate change is vital. But to see everything through the lens of short-term CO2 reductions, letting our obsession with carbon blind us to the bigger picture, is to court catastrophe.

Alex Steffen

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#20. Even if it could be shown that all explanations can be reduced ultimately to those of science, and even if all the reductions were then to be carried out, the mystery of the world as such would be as great at the end of the process as it had been at the beginning.

Bryan Magee

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#21. Silhouettes are reductions, and racial stereotypes are also reductions of actual human beings.

Kara Walker

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#22. A review of the science suggests that uncertainty is so high as to raise a good prospect that mandatory green house gas reductions will produce little or no environmental benefit.

Kenneth P. Green

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#23. The road to energy independence, economic recovery, and greenhouse gas reductions runs through the building sector.

Edward Mazria

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#24. I think the media plays into the hands of false induction, genuine seduction taking place, wrong deductions, and the inevitable reductions. That's the way and the path of the visual.

Ravi Zacharias

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#25. Reductions in cardiac output are primarily due to impaired venous return to the heart from increased intrathoracic pressure


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#26. Every effort needs to be made to try and offset the costs of Katrina and Rita by reductions in other government programs, especially those that are wasteful, duplicative and ineffective.

Ben Bernanke

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#27. Here in the UK the government has decided to accept the recommendations of the Better Regulation Task Force to measure and make targeted reductions in the administrative costs - the red tape costs - that regulations impose on business.

John Hutton

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#28. I've always been a strong supporter of environmental protection and initiatives in that area. But I'm willing to set priorities. If we have to make reductions in one place, we'll have to-in order to increase another place, I'm willing to do that.

Judd Gregg

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#29. I do not intend to dispute in any way the need for defence cuts and the need for government spending cuts in general. I do not share a not in my backyard approach to government spending reductions.

Stephen Harper

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#30. I just had to get this stress off my chest like breast reductions.

Immortal Technique

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#31. I would support eliminating certain tax breaks that are not economically justifiable if they are offset with reductions in tax rates.

Jason Chaffetz

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#32. Well, we're just now seeing the reductions in mortgage rates. The mortgage rates are based on the ten-year rate and the Fed controls the overnight or the shorter rates.

Franklin Raines

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#33. There is no threshold level of fine particle pollution below which health risk reductions are not achieved by reduced exposure.

Gina McCarthy

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#34. Tax reductions are usually simpler and less distortive. I'm certainly willing to look at getting rid of tax deductions/credits, and go to dramatically reduced rates.

Grover Norquist

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#35. Local and state governments have outrun the federal government. The EPA has served notice that it will enact a rule requiring CO2 reductions by major emitters in the absence of major legislation. But it's a blunt instrument that is a little more difficult to use than a legislative remedy.

Al Gore

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#36. The (editing) work was like peeling an onion. The outer skin came off with difficulty ... but in no time youd be down to its innards, tears streaming from your eyes as more and more beautiful reductions became possible.

Edward Blishen

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#37. We accelerated our capital spending in the fourth quarter, particularly in international and next-generation network deployment, which should not only sustain future revenue growth but also drive significant cost reductions across all communications services.

Bernard Ebbers

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#38. Oil is once again robbing the industry of a return to profitability. Cost reductions and efficiency gains have never been more critical.

Giovanni Bisignani

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#39. I have been very encouraged by President Obama's call to action on climate change both at his Inauguration and in the State of the Union Address. This is a global imperative. I also welcome President Obama's intention to pursue reductions in nuclear arsenals.

Ban Ki-moon

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#40. Since the end of the Cold War two main nuclear powers have begun to make big reductions in their nuclear arsenals. Each of them is dismantling about 2,000 nuclear warheads a year.

Joseph Rotblat

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#41. The President is destroying the fabric of America with a combined policy of war, tax cuts for the wealthy, and reductions in spending for domestic needs.

Charles B. Rangel

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#42. We run enormous risks and we know what kind of reductions of greenhouse gases are necessary to drastically reduce risks. Reducing emissions by half by 2050 is roughly in the right ballpark. It would bring us below 550 ppm.

Nicholas Stern

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#43. A lot of the things that we passed in the energy policy were embedded in law, and they resulted in tremendous reductions in waste of energy in all kinds of things.

Jimmy Carter

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#44. My hope is that flexible working and varying shift patterns will give workers a taste for idling and that they will gradually demand greater reductions in the length of the working week.

Tom Hodgkinson

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