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#1. Inside the Bible's pages lie the answers to all the problems that mankind has ever known. I hope Americans will read and study the Bible. - Author: Ronald Reagan
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#2. All theory is against freedom of the will; all experience for it. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#3. The fluorescent lights flickered overhead, casting a sick gray pallor over the room. - Author: Denise Grover Swank
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#4. If there is no laughter, Jesus has gone somewhere else. If there is no joy and freedom, it is not a church: it is simply a crowd of melancholy people basking in a religious neurosis. If there is no celebration, there is no real worship. - Author: Steve Brown
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#5. The sense of community is that feeling of togetherness that brings us comfort. We are all alone in the world, so we strive to form bonds with others to eliminate that sense of feeling alone. - Author: Del Suggs
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#6. Power depends ultimately on physical force. By teaching people that violence is wrong (except, of course, when the system itself uses violence via the police or the military), the system maintains its monopoly on physical force and thus keeps all power in its own hands. - Author: Theodore Kaczynski
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#7. It was a house without kindness, never meant to be lived in, not a fit place for people or for love or for hope. Exorcism cannot alter the countenance of a house ; Hill House would stay as it was until it was destroyed. - Author: Shirley Jackson
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#8. People can drink with their eyes; I can eat with my nose. - Author: Karl Lagerfeld
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