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#1. When I'm off the road, my husband and I recharge our batteries. It's a day of deep rest and connection with the spiritual, and that can be anything - going for a walk in nature, being in silence, burning incense. - Author: Alanis Morissette
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#2. I started in theater, and I love to go back to theater, just to have the experience and recharge my batteries, creatively. - Author: Zachary Levi
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#3. I like some time away to recharge the batteries, not only physically, but emotionally so that I get to the point where I'm just dying to direct again and then that's the right time to do it again. - Author: John Lee Hancock
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#4. Living without personal boundaries is like trying to hold my breath and gasp for air, at the same time, it doesn't work. My introverted nature requires solitary sanctuary, to breathe. My internal batteries need time to recharge if i am to give from a place of abundance. - Author: Jaeda DeWalt
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#5. being an introvert is less about one's personality type and more about how someone prefers to recharge their batteries. This - Author: Nic Williams
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#6. If you lose emotion, and you gain it back, you realise that hate and love are very important to distribute properly. So I'm not going to waste any kind of emotion on things that aren't related to me. - Author: Marilyn Manson
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#7. I hold no candle for George Osborne whatsoever. He has no strategic skills, is a hopeless chancellor, has no idea how most people have to live and his policies are failing and hurting millions. - Author: Alastair Campbell
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#8. I fix the human chassis, I tune up human engines, I recharge human batteries, and I adjust human transmissions. - Author: Bikram Choudhury
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#9. A Model S can recharge 150 miles of range in 20 minutes at one of Tesla's charging stations with DC power pumping straight into the batteries. By comparison, a Nissan Leaf that maxes out at 80 miles of range can take 8 hours to recharge. - Author: Ashlee Vance
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#10. In a way, I pattern myself after all the bands I used to like as a kid. Every time they put out LPs, they had a whole new look and a new sound. - Author: Richard Prince
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#11. From my point of view, it is better to take the chance, having had nine jobs in 10 years, to recharge my batteries - Author: John Richard Reid
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#12. Some of us are more concerned with our reputation than our character. The latter takes care of the former. - Author: LeCrae
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#13. I don't know why, but life is usually more complicated than the plans that we make. - Author: James Patterson
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#14. At least once a week, I try to have one day where I have nothing planned so I can get up and just go back to bed and lay around and recharge my batteries. - Author: Dolph Lundgren
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#15. We take better care of our smartphone than ourselves. We know when the battery is depleted and recharge it - Author: Arianna Huffington
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#16. Everything that God created is potentially holy, and our task as humans is to find that holiness in seemingly unholy situations. When we can do this, we will have learned to nurture our souls. - Author: Harold S. Kushner
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#17. I believe that the only possible reason for our being here is to serve in some form or another but that the form is not always readily found or recognized. And I've noticed that those who refuse to serve often wind up as slaves. - Author: Hildegard Knef
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#18. I really admire artists who take the time to recharge their batteries and not continually call on it. I think you can spot tired and jaded artists quite quickly. - Author: Rupert Friend
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#19. Six days. The man had been gone six days, and that was all he had to say about it? - Author: Charlie N. Holmberg
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#20. A happy and productive person is one who understands that his or her job is not the purpose of his or her life. Go on vacation, use up your sick days, ask for a temporary leave-of-absence - anything that allows you to recharge your batteries away from your typical routine. No leave, no life. - Author: Del Suggs
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#21. Travel is like a tonic to me. It's more than just getting away from the studio for a brief rest. I need it to recharge my batteries. - Author: Norman Rockwell
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#22. Isn't that the great thing about Christmas? You get a lot of respite, time to recharge your batteries, time with family without too much else happening anywhere else in the world, time to focus on the people you love and the activities that you enjoy, time to exercise, to read. - Author: Wayne Swan
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#23. I believe well-designed places and objects can actually improve healing, while poor design can inhibit it. - Author: Michael Graves
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#24. I love walking in the woods, on the trails, along the beaches. I love being part of nature. I love walking alone. It is therapy. One needs to be alone, to recharge one's batteries. - Author: Grace Kelly
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#25. You need a break, a complete rest, recharge your batteries.' Recharge your batteries. What the hell does that mean? Nelson prides himself on not needing batteries. He's an old-fashioned, wind-up model. - Author: Elly Griffiths
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#26. Reading allows me to recharge my batteries. - Author: Rahul Dravid
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#27. People who do a job that claims to be creative have to be alone to recharge their batteries. You can't live 24 hours a day in the spotlight and remain creative. For people like me, solitude is a victory. - Author: Karl Lagerfeld
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#28. Use lots of exclamation points. They love to be overused. - Author: SARK
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#29. An hour or two of learning from the masters is usually enough to recharge my artistic batteries. - Author: James Dean
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#30. Echo:"The thing about love is you always end up losing it."
Cora: "Oh but what you miss if you wont take the chance. - Author: Linda Lael Miller
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#31. I was not in a good space in my life, emotionally particularly, so I needed to do something to recharge my batteries emotionally and musically. I took a break and I learnt software and programming a little bit, and that's how I designed my live machine, which I've been using for years. - Author: Jamie Lidell
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#32. The social media web is a very noisy one indeed and making sure that you are heard requires you to shout more effectively, rather than louder. - Author: David Amerland
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#33. Bold. Risky. Dramatic. I approve. - Author: Rachel Vincent
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#34. I've led a life of such structured discipline and always had a goal in mind of knowing what I was doing, from West Point to the Air Force combat, MIT, looking for new things to study and get involved in. And then I got into the space program, and how disciplined can you get? - Author: Buzz Aldrin
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