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Top 12 Rebelism Quotes

#1. It is one of my faults, that though my tongue is sometimes prompt enough at an answer, there are times when it sadly fails me in framing an excuse; and always the lapse occurs at some crisis, when a facile word or plausible pretext is specially wanted to get me out of painful embarrassment. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#2. For such gestures one falls hopelessly in love for a lifetime - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#3. Nothing ages as poorly as a beautiful woman's ego, - Author: Paulina Porizkova
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#4. Silent pictures show us how we lived and what our attitudes were. And as an art form, they can be wonderfully entertaining and often inspirational. - Author: Kevin Brownlow
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#5. The less people know about what is really going on, the easier it is to wield power and authority. - Author: Prince Charles
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#6. Free curiosity is of more value than harsh discipline. - Author: Saint Augustine
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#7. A popular anecdote described a dog praising perestroika, saying, "My chain is a little longer, the dish is further away, but I can now bark all I want. - Author: Conor O'Clery
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#8. It was kind of weird because eventually they were all so busy hating each other, they forgot about hating me. - Author: Jennifer Brown
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#9. I confess I am a romantic. I love romance, and I think it's really fun and delicious and some of my favorite films are love stories. I think that you just get a chance to fall in love with the characters so much and you get to explore their lives so deeply. - Author: Rachel McAdams
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#10. O lands! O all so dear to me - what you are, I become part of that, whatever it is. - Author: Walt Whitman
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#11. In the most ordinary terms, egolessness is a flexible identity. It manifests as inquisitiveness, as adaptability, as humor, as playfulness. It is our capacity to relax with not knowing, not figuring everything out, with not being at all sure who we are, or who anyone else is, either. - Author: Pema Chodron
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#12. There is nothing like stying at home for real comfort - Author: Jane Austen
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