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#1. The guardian and arbiter of superlative eating, with every meal an unforgettable experience in pleasure, starting with the soup, which he said, 'must be the agent provocateur of a good dinner.'

Marie-Antoine Careme

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#2. How can I get up everyday knowing you had to kill yourself to make it stop hurting and I was here all the time and I never even saw it. And then you gave me this chance to make it better, convince you to stay alive and I couldn't do it. How can I live with myself after this, Jessie?

Marsha Norman

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#3. Not a week goes by without my learning something new about golf. That means, of course, that I was ignorant of eight things about golf two months ago. Extend that process back nearly twenty years and the result is an impressive accumulation of ignorance.

Peter Dobereiner

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#4. Kodak employed 145,300 people at one point, one-third of them in Rochester, New York, while indirectly employing thousands more via the extensive supply chain and retail distribution channels required by companies in the first machine age.

Erik Brynjolfsson

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#5. God is my only leader. Truth is my only sword. Guided only by my conscience, I am a true citizen of the world.

Suzy Kassem

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#6. Then I resolved that I would go back out there and somehow cope with the situation, despite the fact that I lacked a strategy and was frightened to the pit of my being.

William Styron

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#7. Her father picks different names for her as they change locales, but he uses Miranda often, presumably because he knows how much it annoys her.

Erin Morgenstern

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#8. I don't want to do a cocktail party. I'd rather people left my shows and vomited.

Alexander McQueen

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#9. If having a beautiful lawn means putting up warning signs several times a year to keep children and pets off of it, it's probably a good idea to look into alternatives.

Philippe Cousteau Jr.

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#10. I'd rather be nine people's favorite thing than a hundred people's ninth favorite thing.

Jeff Bowen

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#11. Your mother didn't raise you to be a child forever.

Tadahiko Nagao

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#12. He looked like someone with a steerage ticket on the titanic. Somebody who'd be standing in line at Ellis Island. Undiluted and old-blooded. Also cute.

Rainbow Rowell

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#13. Even the most normal person, if placed in a highly abnormal situation, can be mistakenly perceived as the source of abnormality of the person/circumstance aggregate

Rivka Galchen

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#14. [BURR]
We dream of a brand new start, but we dream in the dark for the most part. Dark as a tomb where it happens. I've got to be in the room where it happens.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

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