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#1. A man may be defeated by his own secondary successes.

Woodrow Wilson

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#2. God sees hearts as we see faces.

George Herbert

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#3. I've always been a guy who likes to stretch my limits - to find out if I have any, really.

Daryl Hall

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#4. How long before both women and men are allowed to see self-respecting rebellion as a lifelong possibility?

Gloria Steinem

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#5. Firestar and Dustpelt were dead; Graystripe and Sandstorm were the last remaining cats of their generation.

Erin Hunter

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#6. Spread your smiles like the sunshine to cheer the world with love and joy.

Debasish Mridha

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#7. I am particularly interested in Alzheimer's disease and have been for some time now.

John O'Keefe

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#8. You'd be surprised how far away half dead is from fully dead,

Simone Elkeles

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#9. He [Tony Blair] was always ambivalent about the [Rupert] Murdoch papers. But he gave other papers the chance to believe it was just about The Independent. And that was wrong.

Alastair Campbell

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