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Top 12 Railway Platform Quotes

#1. In the real world of competition, the players want to compete and they want to compete at the very highest level. - Author: Vince McMahon
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#2. Street-casting - people like Katie Jarvis in 'Fish Tank,' spotted having a row with her boyfriend on a railway platform - has helped make actors raise their game. They have to. - Author: Joe Dempsie
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#3. Try on 100 different hats if you can, until you find the one that suits you best. It's a trial and error thing. - Author: Philip Treacy
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#4. I do want to go out on top, as a winner. - Author: Art Modell
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#5. It will not suffice to have customers that are merely satisfied. Customers that are unhappy and some that are merely satisfied switch. Profit comes from repeat customers - those that boast about the product or service. - Author: W. Edwards Deming
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#6. Before you ridicule, remember somebody on a railway platform who seems to be train spotting may actually be writing poetry. - Author: John Hegley
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#7. Diabetes is a great example whereby, giving the patient the tools, you can manage yourself very well. - Author: Clayton Christensen
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#8. In the room ... they are inside the books. They move sometimes within the pages, like sleepers turning over between two dreams. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
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#9. Most of Tina Modotti's work that is known to the photography world was done in Mexico in the years 1923 through 1926, when she lived and worked with Edward Weston. - Author: John Szarkowski
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#10. A second chance? I thought. A second chance is what criminals get. I knew I wasn't a criminal; I did what I had to do to survive and save my family. - Author: Yeonmi Park
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#11. The United States Supreme Court, once a reliable if ultimate recourse for progressive and even revolutionary grievances, has become a retrograde wellspring for enormous economic and social distress. - Author: June Jordan
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#12. Most people get their politics, obviously, from TV shows about senators or movies about them or ... all the day-to-day press and the talk shows. - Author: Judd Gregg
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