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#1. In the birthing process, you come out just realizing how stupid and weak men are! I mean, I might as well not have been in there, we're useless! - Author: Heath Ledger
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#2. Honest change? Honest? Has someone altered the definition of the word while my back was turned, or have you recently developed a sense of humor? - Author: Ellen Kushner
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#3. When Ragnuk killed you, I looked for you everywhere. But you didn't come back. For decades I looked for you, terrified the angels were punishing me for letting you die alone. I thought that you'd never come back to me
that I'd lost you forever. - Author: Courtney Allison Moulton
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#4. Ink marks the page/where you execute your will like a doe announcing an/ox-stern mate with a single, bleary blink. - Author: Melissa Lee-Houghton
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#5. I am Ragnuk, and I am going to eat you now. - Author: Courtney Allison Moulton
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#6. I know, but what was I supposed to do? Stay and become increasingly unhappy? Because I wasn't happy in that life anymore. - Author: Harper Bliss
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#7. The way we eat represents our most profound engagement with the natural world. Daily, our eating turns nature into culture, transforming the body of the world into our bodies and minds. - Author: Michael Pollan
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#8. For he would twist a word or a look into a crime and treasure it up in his memory. - Author: Tacitus
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#9. The cigarette represents a simple pleasure coupled with self-destruction and defiance of death. Melodrama - Author: Benjamin Doolin
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#10. To begin, begin. - Author: William Wordsworth
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#11. The sentimental want to be thrilled by everything. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#12. The term many presupposes the term one , and the term one presupposes the term many. - Author: Alfred North Whitehead
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#13. There is a project that's underway called the interplanetary Internet. It's in operation between Earth and Mars. It's operating on the International Space Station. It's part of the spacecraft that's in orbit around the Sun that's rendezvoused with two planets. - Author: Vint Cerf
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#14. There is no way to ease the burden. The voyage leads on from harm to harm, A land of others and of silence. - Author: Donald Justice
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#15. If dolphins tasted good," he said, "we wouldn't even know about their language. - Author: Lorrie Moore
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#16. Marriage isn't about Winning - It's about Lasting - Author: Mark Gorman
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