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Top 12 Quotes On Pictures Editor

#1. If you don't believe it you won't understand it. - Author: Saint Augustine
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#2. I might be developing an addiction. You being my drug of choice. Rehab is 'not' an option, my love is forever. Just so you know. - Author: Truth Devour
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#3. When you are happy, you enjoy music, when you are sad, you understand lyrics - Author: Frank Ocean
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#4. I'm more of a clown, a tragic clown. Yeah. I just like humor to come out of characters. - Author: Amy Sedaris
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#5. My biggest advice would be to take the pictures you want to take. Don't think about the marketplace, what sells or what an editor might say. And don't think about style. It's all bullshit and surface stuff. Style happens. - Author: David LaChapelle
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#6. I remember when an editor at the National Geographic promised to run about a dozen of my landscape pictures from a story on the John Muir trail as an essay, but when the group of editors got together, someone said that my pictures looked like postcards. - Author: Galen Rowell
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#7. [My mom] is quite the strict editor. I feel like maybe she has more of the old-school editing style, which really works in picture books, because you don't want to articulate anything in words that is already shown through the pictures. - Author: Jenna Bush
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#8. Fiction brings salvation to characters in stories that would otherwise have no salvation at all. - Author: Hiromu Arakawa
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#9. Getting in shape for this role, which is incredibly demanding, vocally, has been a lot of hard work, but I'm nailing it. I'm even kind of, at times, blowing my own mind, because I am even able to talk right now. - Author: David Hasselhoff
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#10. McCrae was the kind of southerner who had only left the parish of his birth to serve his country in wartime or to carry bulls across the state for mating purposes. - Author: Greg Iles
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#11. Photography belongs to a fraternity of its own. I was young and enthusiastic and wanted to take good pictures to show the other photographers. That, and the professional pride of convincing an editor that I was the man to go somewhere, were the most important things to me. - Author: Don McCullin
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#12. The point of meditating is not to learn to sit quietly in a room. The point is to live that way in the world. - Author: Chris Matakas
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