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#1. The first two years I was on 'MADtv' were really, really fun. We always thought it was 'Saturday Night Live's very nice, slightly asthmatic, shorter cousin. - Author: Ike Barinholtz
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#2. I'll usually stay up a little later than my wife and play Xbox, a little 'Modern Warfare 3.' Or I'll have a friend over, and we'll play board games until late at night. I'll always choose fun over sleep. - Author: Rich Sommer
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#3. Probably the most fun I've ever had, actually, acting. Because it was the perfect extension of the stuff that I'd started to do on Late Night With David Letterman, and when I look back on all my work, it was probably the best possible incarnation of Chris Elliott, of me. - Author: Chris Elliott
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#4. It's so fun to do theater, because as opposed to television, you just keep doing it again and again and again - every night. Sometimes it lands beautifully, and sometimes it lands just beside of it. It's like throwing a horseshoe. It's great fun. - Author: Missi Pyle
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#5. It was so much fun to do, play the blues and then play a Monkees' set on the same night. - Author: Peter Tork
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#6. There's no self-expression or joy in these joints
no springboard to self-discovery, or adventure, like any decent night out involving men, women, alcohol, and taking your clothes off. Why do many people have a gut reaction to strip clubs? Because inside them, no one is having fun. - Author: Caitlin Moran
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#7. In the world of late-night comics, Letterman made us feel any hometown boy from Indianapolis could poke fun at celebrities and politicians and do it right to their faces. - Author: Chris Matthews
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#8. I come from a big, loud family, and I'm the quieter one. Performing is something I have to switch on. I've heard I get real sassy onstage, which I'm not in real life! It's fun to be that person for an hour a night. - Author: Lorde
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#9. A night spent scraping off the evidence of other people's fun is a wearisome thing. - Author: Alex Marwood
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#10. Make for the children an evening of happiness in a world of storm. Let the children have their night of fun and laughter ... resolved that by our daring, these same children shall not be denied their right to live in a free and decent world. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#11. Fun! You think I have just been having fun with you? I am insane in love with you, Lilah! I have been since the first night. Remember the night I carried you all the way home, just so you could not meet anyone else before I had the chance to make you mine? - Author: Anna Bloom
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#12. Night to night, doing the clubs is a lot of fun too because you have a lot more freedom and you don't have to worry about swearing or going off the script or going long or going short. If you bomb, only a handful of people see it. On TV, a lot of people see it. - Author: Gary Gulman
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#13. 'Saturday Night Live' is a show that I think I could have a lot of fun on, just being different characters and maybe singing, too. - Author: Jill Scott
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#14. It feels like a perfect night, to dress up like hipsters, and make fun of our exes. - Author: Taylor Swift
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#15. I've chosen not to live in Hollywood, and instead I live in Brooklyn, New York. It's how I like to live. I'd rather hang out with my kids and family when I'm not working. Going to premieres is not my idea of a fun night out. - Author: Jennifer Connelly
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#16. One of the things I liked about bringing this show back was that it gives people something to look forward to. In doing the show, I was very aware that some people will watch it all in one night, but there is enough that it will be fun to re-watch. Hopefully, people will be laughing a lot. - Author: Mitchell Hurwitz
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#17. Calico Kitty

My calico kitty
was painted and primed
she could prowl
the night away ~
without spending a dime... - Author: Muse
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#18. I was never a games night guy, but at some point, social interaction starts to freak me out. So when there's a point, it's easier for me to see the people I love and hang out and try to have fun. - Author: Joss Whedon
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#19. I went along doing the one-salad-a-night routine for a year. And I remember feeling so tired and depressed and irritable. I had no personal life. I was always flying someplace - weekends, holidays, vacations. Dinners at night were no fun because I couldn't eat. - Author: Carol Alt
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#20. I would say the three stages of making a film are the initial 'are we gonna do this,' 'how much will I be paid,' is there a lot of nights, who's it going to be with? The second stage of doing a film is how much fun your going to have doing it. The third stage is was the film a hit? - Author: Steve Martin
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#21. I'm not the type of guy who enjoys one-night stands. It leaves me feeling very empty and cynical. It's not even fun sexually. I need to feel something for the woman and entertain the vain hope that it may lead to a relationship. - Author: Ben Affleck
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#22. Imagine staying awake all night not because you're worried about the future but because it's FUN - Author: David Nicholls
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#23. Fun? "Katrina, I didn't request to be set up on a date. I can't go meet a complete stranger and ... ." he scanned the email again. " ... and spend the night with her? - Author: Lia Davis
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#24. Not everyone is a morning person. Some of us perform better when we're actually awake. If you're also a night owl, take heart. Night owls are fun loving, seem to be more creative, and may even have a higher IQ than their morning person counterparts ([4]). - Author: Charity Grant
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#25. My best friend - her name was Helena - lived in that house. Sometimes I used to spend the night with her. But more often she came to my house, on weekends. It was more fun to be in the country. - Author: Lois Lowry
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#26. We know fun. Like two weekends ago we stayed up all night watching a documentary marathon on the brain." She rolled her eyes toward Erin. "We're positively wild. - Author: Jenny B. Jones
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#27. Probably my favorite job that I've ever had and probably will have - although I'm reserving judgment on Manhattan Love Story, Tuesday nights at 8:30 on ABC, because it's pretty fun so far - is Psych, which I did for four or five years. - Author: Kurt Fuller
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#28. The perfect party for me is having six to 12 people for dinner Friday or Saturday - good, fun friends, a lot of artists. I have a beautiful deck that looks over the canyon and Los Angeles on one side, so it's very pretty at night. It's a great opportunity to catch up with friends. - Author: Sofia Milos
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#29. Going to your set with the headphones on in the middle of the night so that your parents don't know what you're doing when you're supposed to be asleep is great. I was rocking the bedroom. That was so much more fun when I got the 1200s. - Author: Jam Master Jay
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#30. My head was throbbing, and my hands were shaking, but I went down the ladder to my workroom - and started figuring out how to rip someone's heart out of his chest from fifty miles away.
Who says I never do anything fun on a Friday night? - Author: Jim Butcher
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#31. Life was pretty perfect. All because a sexy chick broke her abstinence pledge to enjoy a night of fun. One hot roll in bed blossomed into love, marriage, and quite a few baby carriages. I wouldn't have it any other way. - Author: Bijou Hunter
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#32. The problem with the designated driver program, it's not a desirable job, but if you ever get sucked into doing it, have fun with it. At the end of the night, drop them off at the wrong house. - Author: Jeff Foxworthy
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#33. Playing Bridge is a pretty old fashioned thing in a way that I really like. I was watching my daughter ride horses this weekend and that is also a bit old fashioned but fun. I do the dishes every night - other people volunteer but I like the way I do it. - Author: Bill Gates
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#34. When I was 16, at night I went to my high school and chucked rocks at the billboard sign and broke the light bulbs. That was fun. - Author: Christopher Mintz-Plasse
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#35. I prioritize in life. I like to work, I do TV shows, I do a lot of Iron Man training. I enjoy kicking back on a good night and drinking wine until I go to bed, and having fun with my friends. You just have to make time for it and keep it balanced. - Author: Joe Bastianich
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#36. The Met Ball is great, but isn't the best thing to just have a super fun night out with your friends? - Author: Suki Waterhouse
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#37. For 'Fright Night,' we really want to convey the fun attitude of the movie and show the intensity of Colin Farrell as a predator. He's not a brooding vampire - he's dark and dangerous. - Author: Stacey Snider
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#38. For almost a decade I was haunted by the memory of Deborah Black, I was about to claim. But the memory didn't haunt me; I haunted the memory. Went to it, at night or in the deadened hours of empty afternoons, woke it up, reminded it of all the fun we'd had, made it do things with me. - Author: Glen Duncan
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#39. I used to tell my three younger siblings stories because that was my household chore, and I told long stories in installments because it was easier and more fun than making up a new story every night. I loved it. - Author: Kerry Greenwood
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#40. I've done some really weird gigs. The ones where no one turned up - they're probably not the interesting ones to talk about. I played some pretty random ones in L.A. I signed to play all-R&B nights or an all-comedy night where I'd be the only white person there. They were fun. - Author: Ed Sheeran
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#41. The torches ran off, and I found myself in a forest, at night, without any light, on skis, and that was not fun - particularly because I was drunk. Luckily at some point I started to see the light of the ski lift. To be in the forest in the middle of the night, it's terrible. - Author: Roman Polanski
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#42. There's something really fun and spooky about that teenage feeling of narcissism or indestructibility, like the idea that every night might be the night before the world ends. - Author: Alan Palomo
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#43. The Nazz survived for 18 months - that was my first taste of fame on some level and of the overall experience of being in a band. There are good and bad aspects, and I got to taste some of both, and, well, it's not as much fun as what you see in 'A Hard Day's Night,' let me just say that. - Author: Todd Rundgren
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#44. To be angry once in a while is really good fun, because it makes others so miserable. But to be angry morning, noon and night, as I am, grows monotonous and prevents my gaining any other pleasure in life. - Author: L. Frank Baum
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#45. Every night is a joy; you get an hour and a half of all these hits. It's a lot of fun. - Author: Phil Collen
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#46. Don't get down on yourself that you can't run a 4K or dance all night long at a fun club. Give yourself a break. - Author: Kathleen Hanna
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#47. Jason patted me on the back. "Tomorrow night we'll take you out chasing deer."
"I thought you'd chase cars," I said.
He grinned. "What fun is that? Cars don't bleed. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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#48. Being a coach, I got to go home every day, [then] go out at night and have fun. I could pretty much live my normal life. - Author: Josh Koscheck
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#49. I've never had so much fun being back at my job sitting in front of my computer. Compared to 10 months on the road, going home and sleeping in my own bed every night is really nice. - Author: Matt Berninger
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#50. If we're talking fantasy, I would love to host a late night talk show ... More Fallon than Leno. Those guys always seem like they're having way too much fun at their 'jobs.' - Author: Aaron Sanchez
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#51. I have never had so much fun as in Montreal. I taught the kids French, I baby-sat, I went to school, I was a receptionist at a hairdresser's, I danced and drank all night. I found that the more you do, the more you have time to do ... it's weird, non? - Author: Emmanuelle Beart
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#52. So you interrupted my date to make fun of me for still living with my parents. Couldn't you have done that on a night I didn't have a date? That's most nights, in case you're curious. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#53. You can't cry on a diamond's shoulder, and diamonds won't keep you warm at night, but they're sure fun when the sun shines. - Author: Elizabeth Taylor
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#54. I'm out doing my deal, I'm turning people on. What's wrong with taking people away from their everyday mundane situation and having a good, fun night for an hour and a half at a rock'n'roll scene? - Author: Ozzy Osbourne
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#55. I want to bring that childlike approach every night - just go out there and have fun. I want to play like a kid, for fun but with intensity. Play to win. - Author: Chris Bosh
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#56. Yeah, that came out of a reading. It was great. It's such a fun crew to be with, and we all went out the night before and that really encouraged us to go out and get drunk. - Author: John Leguizamo
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#57. Why do you want to be a vampire?" he asked. "It is not much fun. We can only come out at night. Humans despise us. We have to sleep in dirty old places like this. We can never marry or have children or settle down. It is a horrible life. - Author: Darren Shan
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#58. If you go to bed at night and think about your day and you haven't laughed very much, then you must jump out of bed and go do something fun. - Author: Marlo Morgan
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#59. You take all the fun out of life for me, Nik. You know that?" Aiden- Blood Hunger (Deathless Night Series #1) - Author: L.E. Wilson
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#60. My aunt is a famous L.A. chef, Susan Feniger, and she's got Street and Border Grill. So a fun night out for me is to go to my aunt's restaurants. - Author: Ben Feldman
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#61. Every girls' night needs a funny movie and a good conversation about guys! My friends and I also love picking outfits out for each other to try on at slumber parties. It's so fun. - Author: Jennette McCurdy
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#62. If Sunday is the Lord's day, then Saturday belongs to the Devil. It is the only night of the week when he gives out Free passes to the Late show at the Too Much Fun Club. - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
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