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Top 39 Quotes On Days Off Work

#1. At eleven I was at the peak of my creative powers: I was writing stories and playlets, putting together poetryprojects. I was absorbed by my 'work.' At twelve I was no longer reading or writing, just counting off days and checking them off. I was interested in survival. - Author: Todd Solondz
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#2. I love Scotland - I was made an honorary Wallace after my work on 'Braveheart,' you know. If I have two or three days off, I love nothing more than driving up there and climbing around Glencoe. - Author: Brian Blessed
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#3. I never did work in the off-season, and I never did play winter ball or anything else. I think it was good for me to get away after a full season ... In those days, I don't think anyone ever got too complacent. - Author: Bobby Doerr
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#5. I think now I'll probably take a few days off and enjoy the competition and then sit down with a few people and work out what is next, work out what the next preparation will be and what competition will be next. - Author: Ian Thorpe
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#6. I do my best to work out 5 days a week. There are times when I can only get in 3 days a week because I am traveling or just need rest due to a hectic schedule. But working out is always a priority, and if I fall off due to my schedule, it is not long before I get back on track. - Author: Laila Ali
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#7. When I'm not at work, I put deep conditioner in my hair and wear a baseball cap. I'll just roll around on the off-days with goop in my hair, and then just rinse it out. - Author: Sarah Rafferty
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#8. It is interesting to work in Las Vegas. I've always thought of Las Vegas as Los Angeles on its day off. There's not any hierarchy of taste, and that's what L.A. always was to me: It's not really a town of culture, it's a town of entertainment. - Author: James Turrell
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#9. When people say God blessed me with a beautiful jump shot, it really pisses me off. I tell those people, 'Don't undermine the work I've put in every day.' Not some days. Every day. - Author: Ray Allen
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#10. I work seven days a week and I work about 12 hours a day, from the beginning of September to about the end of May; the school year. I take two days off, Christmas and New Year's, Thanksgiving sometimes - two and a half. And the result is that I bonded myself to my desk. - Author: James Lipton
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#11. We only work four days a week, we only work three weeks out of the month, and we get four months off for the summer. So there's plenty of time for me to spend with the kids. - Author: Patricia Heaton
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#12. Win back two days of living? The sense of freedom is overwhelming! Switch off your mobile phone and consider your options. - Author: Fennel Hudson
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#13. I have come to realize that an early symptom of approaching mental illness is the belief that one's work is terribly important. If you consider your work very important you should take a day off. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#14. Child actors come off as work being their life and doing it 24/7, but I still have those days where it's totally, like, whatever: shopping, movies, adventures. - Author: Hailee Steinfeld
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#15. I'm a higgledy-piggledy person in every way. On days that I work, I work for eight hours in a row, with my internet access entirely turned off, locked in my office. - Author: Elizabeth McCracken
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#16. I like cooking, but I don't think I could be a chef. Everyone from the ground up does terrible hours, whether you've just walked in off the street and you've got no experience, to whether you're the head chef. You can work 14 or 15-hour days. It's really, really intense. - Author: James McAvoy
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#17. I am simply submerged in work from five in the morning to eleven at night; almost need a few days off to escape a breakdown! - Author: Richard Neutra
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#18. I respected it. I submerged myself into it. So on a lot of days off I would go and fish with the fishermen and the families that ran the boats. I would go work the fields with farmers. I would go and talk with farmers about growing particular products for me. - Author: Emeril Lagasse
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#19. Once your body is in workout-mode, a few days off won't hurt. Muscle memory is magical. If you work out consistently, you can afford to miss a few sessions and your body will gladly pick up where you left off. - Author: Rachel Nichols
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#20. I love boxing, MMA, and hiking with my dog. I work out 3 times a week, and on my off days, I do yoga to keep my body relaxed and to stretch. - Author: Natalie Martinez
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#21. I love to work, although sometimes I can spend whole days doing nothing more than picking the lint off the carpet and talking to my mother on the phone. - Author: Beth Henley
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#22. I usually work seven days a week and rarely take vacations, which is both lame and unsustainable. I don't mind the idea of writing seven days a week, I suppose. Getting some work done early in the morning. But ideally I would love to take one day a week off. - Author: Brad Listi
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#23. Most Sundays, with the exception of football Sundays, I work, because I don't take days off as long as I'm working on something that's supposed to be all in the same mood. - Author: Robert Caro
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#24. A few days of idleness have completely sickened me, and given me what is called the blue-devils so severely, that I feel that the sooner I go to work and drive them off, the better. - Author: John James Audubon
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#25. Don't miss understand me, I'm not getting soft, all I want is a couple days off. - Author: Huey Lewis
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#26. Easy is not a option..No days off..Never Quit..Be Fearless..Talent you have Naturally..Skill is only developed by hours and hours of Work - Author: Usain Bolt
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#27. Why should I let the toad work Squat on my life? Can't I use my wit as a pitchfork And drive the brute off? Six days of the week it soils With its sickening poison
Just for paying a few bills! That's out of proportion. - Author: Philip Larkin
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#28. To get GoPro started, I moved back in with my parents and went to work seven days a week, 20 hours a day. I wrote off my personal life to make headway on it. - Author: Nick Woodman
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#29. I didn't want to be the lead guy. That's too much work. But I thought that it might be fun to be the lead guy's friend. I'd have days off, and still get a paycheck every week. - Author: Robert Sean Leonard
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#30. The cool thing about writing is that there is really never a typical day. Sometimes I get a rhythm going and head off to work every morning and come home at night. Sometimes I'll write for two days straight and then be utterly blank for the next two. - Author: Patricia Briggs
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#31. One personal tip that my trainer gave me was, "Don't take things personally. People are calling on the worst days of their lives and you're their first point of contact. Be like a duck and let the water roll off your back." I live by those words when I'm at work. - Author: Cameron West
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#32. My only day off is the day I pitch (in regards to how hard he works out during off-days). - Author: Roger Clemens
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#33. I try to work out my mind more these days. I try to eat right. I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I take the skin off chicken. But I'm not on no special diet. I like my steak and potatoes, ice cream, doughnuts. - Author: Mr. T
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#34. If a man takes one day off, it takes him about three days to get the harness fitted again. - Author: E.W. Howe
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#35. And I don't watch cricket. How can you like a game that requires you to take four days off work to follow a Test? - Author: Thierry Henry
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#36. I work out four days a week in the off-season, and in the warm, running weather months, I do five days. A push/pull regime of weightlifting, cycling, and the occasional Saturday or Sunday run with my oldest son, even if it's cold out. - Author: Andre Dubus III
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#37. My kids are in school and in all these clubs - chess club, fashion club, you name it. When my dad came home from work, it was late, and when he left, it was early in the morning. On my days off, I'm still taking my kids to school and picking them up. I do what I have to do to keep that relationship. - Author: Omar Dorsey
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#38. She would go off in the morning with the punt full of books, and spend long glorious days away in the forest lying on the green springy carpet of whortleberries, reading. She would most diligently work at furnishing her empty mind. She would sternly endeavour to train it not to jump. - Author: Elizabeth Von Arnim
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#39. It's fun to play dress up for work, but when you have those off-days, it's nice to just be low-key. - Author: Maia Mitchell
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