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Top 6 Quotes For Friendship Day Card

#1. I fell into the water with a large splash and sunk like a stone. My feet guided the way as I drifted further into the murky depths.
Down. - Author: Brynn Myers
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#2. The experiences you'll have, the people you'll love, the jobs, the joys, the sorrows, the way you'll die. It is all predestined, unless you will a change. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#3. Controversy What controversy This is reality. What I see is that no matter if you're a conservative or a liberal or whatever side you stand on, this is the reality of the situation - that people's families and their young kids are being affected. - Author: Billie Joe Armstrong
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#4. Overworked managers are doing things they shouldn't be doing. - Author: Tom DeMarco
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#5. When you look at a corporation, just like when you look at a slave owner, you want to distinguish between the institution and the individual. So slavery, for example, or other forms of tyranny, are inherently monstrous. The individuals participating in them may be the nicest guys you can imagine. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#6. We want to build colonies on the Moon, Mars, the Moons of other planets, and even nearby asteroids. We want to make space tourism and commerce routine. - Author: Daniel Goldin
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