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Top 30 Quotes For 2 Years Old Son

#1. David Shire and I have been happily married for 21 years! We have a 12-year-old son. David is a genius. He writes the most magnificent music and he is a devoted and loving husband and father. I am so blessed! - Author: Didi Conn
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#2. The boy who was taken," she said. "Is he your son?"
"How old do you think I am, Dweller?"
"I'm a little shaky on the fossil record, but I'd say fifty to sixty thousand years."
"Eighteen. And no. He's not my son. - Author: Veronica Rossi
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#3. I was kind of smart enough when I was young, 14 or 15 years old, to realize that if you're ever going to do anything and step out of the shadow of your own dad - not only in hockey, but in life itself - you're going to have to learn you're Brett and not 'Bobby's son.' - Author: Brett Hull
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#4. On her son Rene: Oh my God, when he's 20 years old what's going to happen to me? I'm gonna marry him. - Author: Celine Dion
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#5. I called my wife into my office, because I needed to tell her that I had a 24-year-old son, although we have been married for 28 years. I had no idea what her reaction would be, but I had to hope for the best. - Author: Shvonne Latrice
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#6. [Rejection] made me quit writing once. For six months. I started up again when my then seven-year-old son asked me to start writing again because I was too grumpy when I wasn't writing. - Author: Kirby Larson
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#7. I have a 20-year-old son, I have a 12-year-old son and I'm so afraid for them, - Author: Killer Mike
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#8. When my son was 3 years old - I'll never forget this - there was this homeless guy walking toward us, and my son looked at me, and he said, 'Who's your buddy?' - Author: Al Madrigal
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#9. When you say you're doing an opera, it's like when you're a seven-year-old and say, 'I'm off to Washington, Dad.' You kind of go, 'Sure. Sure you are, son.' - Author: Tom Waits
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#10. The most used appliance in our house is my 10-year-old son Leon's Xbox. - Author: Paul Reiser
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#11. You're ten years old now, you have to take a shower every day ... I don't give a shit if you hate it. People hate smelly fuckers. I will not have a smelly fucker for a son. - Author: Justin Halpern
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#12. I'm not complicated at all. I say raps that your two-year-old son can learn. - Author: Snoop Dogg
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#13. I had a sister who was killed in a motorcycle wreck when I was around 4 years old. My parents adopted her son, and so my nephew became my brother. He was three years older than me, so through him, I was exposed to hip-hop. - Author: Big Smo
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#14. When my son got sick and he was in the hospital, and they took out his kidney when he was less than a year old, I definitely learned that each moment is really precious and I don't want to take anything for granted. - Author: John Feldmann
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#15. The EU lacks a story. For previous generations, the peace argument was a sufficient. But what story do I tell my 20-year-old son? How do I explain to him that we need the EU for the future? - Author: Margot Wallstrom
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#16. My son is 7 years old. I am 54. It has taken me a great many years to reach that age. I am more respected in the community, I am stronger, I am more intelligent and I think I am better than he is. I don't want to be a pal, I want to be a father. - Author: Clifton Fadiman
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#17. Perhaps that wasn't the brightest parenting decision that I've made in the last ten years." -- (From TRADING MANNY, on letting my 7-year old son emulate Manny Ramirez) - Author: Jim Gullo
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#18. I was doing 100 pushups by 8 years old. My dad was the type like he'd have friends over and be like, "My son can do that, Ryan drop and give me 100 pushups!" and would have me do it for his friends. It was that type of household. - Author: Ryan Montgomery
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#19. I was 12 years fittin' to be a billionaire; I was 15 years old as a millionaire. I've been rich since I was 14. My son has been a millionaire since he was 12, so that's just the life. We've been playing with money since young. - Author: Birdman
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#20. When I had my confirmation hearing for the Court of Appeals, [my son] Philip was 3 years old. And when I was called up to the chair he took it upon himself to run up and sit next to me in case any hard questions came up. - Author: Samuel Alito
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#21. I'm 64 years old and, yeah, I went through a transition in my life last year, with the death of my son, that woke me up to a lot of things. You know, I'm perfectly happy in my own little groove. Marching along, building my company, and you know, a happy person. - Author: Carl Paladino
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#22. I thought if my son was now eighteen years old and he was tempted to join the fight and take the burden of protecting his family - because it's always tempting especially for young men - what would I do as a mother to stop him? - Author: Nadine Labaki
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#23. Don't tell me how to raise my son." "He's twenty-eight years old," Eve said. "Your job is done. He's risen. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#24. It's that way all the way down the line. I've got a boy coaching college ball and another son coaching high school. All the way down to summer leagues, all the way down to kids who are 14 years old. All those teams have a closer. - Author: Bruce Sutter
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#25. I have a son, Mason, who is disabled - cerebral palsy - and he does not walk independently, sit independently or speak. He uses a talking computer. I started becoming an advocate for him when he was 3 years old. - Author: Laura San Giacomo
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#26. At another house two women learned very fast; I say women, but one was a girl about twelve or thirteen, already married, however. There was a little child about three years old. My sister asked, 'Who is the True God's Son?' The little thing replied, in a very sweet voice, 'Jesus.' - Author: Lottie Moon
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#27. My sons remember me most as a Cardinal. My one son is 26 years old, and I don't think he's ever seen me without a beard. It's not as black as it used to be, but it's still there. - Author: Bruce Sutter
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#28. Boy," said the old man at last, "in five years, how would you like a job selling shoes in this emporium?"
"Gosh, thanks, Mr. Sanderson, but I don't know what I'm going to be yet."
"Anything you want to be son," said the old man, "you'll be. No one will ever stop you. - Author: Ray Bradbury
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#29. I've been to Cardiff a few times but I'd love to get to Wembley. My son is six or seven years old and I'd love to take him to Wembley to watch Liverpool. - Author: Jamie Carragher
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#30. Southern people are raised with a work ethic. My son is 5 years old and does chores. My mom was a dance teacher, and the training and discipline it takes to be a dancer I've carried with me in Hollywood. - Author: Jaime Pressly
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